Steve Hofmeyr

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr is supporting fans who are boycotting MSC Cruises after he was ditched from a scheduled performance this week.
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DStv, Dis-Chem and now MSC: Steve Hofmeyr fans take a stand

Steve Hofmeyr is supporting fans who are boycotting MSC Cruises after he was pulled from a performance onboard the Sinfonia this week…

Steve Hofmeyr

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr is supporting fans who are boycotting MSC Cruises after he was ditched from a scheduled performance this week.
Images via Facebook

Fans and followers of Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyer are ramping up their boycott of MSC cruise liners after the outspoken artist – known for his racially-fuelled rants – was pulled from a scheduled performance onboard.

Steve was billed to perform at this week’s Kappityt Festival aboard the MSC Sinfonia, which takes place from 20 – 25 February.

Just days before, the singer shared his controversial views about the State of the Nation (SONA) address, farm murders, and his disdain for politicians like Julius Malema.

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According to News24, Steve Hofmeyr was pulled off the MSC’s Kappityt Festival programme days before the ship disembarked from Cape Town to Namibia.

According to MSC Cruise spokesperson Thango Gombiza, the show was organised by a third party, Lefra Productions, who announced a last-minute line-up change. 

Gombiza said in a statement to the publication: “MSC Cruises is a family company driven by its brand values and principles and is always guided by this. The company endeavours to provide experiences that are meant to enrich, delight and create unforgettable memories for all guests.”

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Gombiza also claims that Steve would still receive his full performance fee despite the changes. He also revealed that the singer was offered the chance to perform in Namibia, as facilitated by Lefra Productions. However, Steve had declined the offer.

Steve Hofmeyr
Steve Hofmeyr was pulled from a performance onboard the MSC Sinfonia this week. Image via Facebook

But Steve claimed that the MSC had a politically-motivated agenda instead.

He said in a Facebook rant: “MSC Cruises had to choose between their left-wing activist in Amsterdam and thousands of people – you who had booked a ticket, and people like me who’ve filled their ships for ten years. They chose the woke snowflake”.

He adds, “I will never climb on one of their ships again; I don’t care what they offer. I don’t like getting seasick. You can vomit at your own house. You can barf in your garden. Who needs a cabin?”

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In several Facebook posts since then, Steve Hofmeyr has voiced his support for a MSC Cruises boycott.

He posted: “Would anyone consider the potential of a class action? I’m in. More than 1000 passengers paid the most expensive price for the concert, the boat trip, flights and fuel to Cape Town as well as accommodation there. This is now before MSC got their woke attack and “adjusted” the contract.

He added: “I meet people nationwide who are going to cancel their spots on MSC ships. Lefra has let me know that it is allowed, though. You know my feeling. Cancel, go home, and watch WATERWORLD on Netflix”.

In addition to MSC Cruises, Steve Hofmeyr declared a “ lifetime war” on several big brands, including Sun International, Toyota, Standard Bank, Jacaranda FM, DSTV and Multichoice Dis-chem, Coke, and Spur. 

Hehehehe. Giggel ek. Ek het die rugby Saterdag in Riversdal gekyk en dié manne op TV gesien. Die snaakste was hoe vinnig…

Posted by Steve Hofmeyr on Sunday, 19 February 2023


Meanwhile, fans of the singer have heeded Steve Hofmeyr’s call to boycott MSC Cruise liners.

Many social media users have spammed the comments section of the luxury liners, pledging allegiance to the Afrikaans singer.

In an image that has gone viral on Twitter, rugby fans at the Blue Bulls vs. Stormers match over the weekend held up a poster shaming MSC Cruises. 

@SurferCosmic: “Does MSC support cancel culture? Cancelling Steve Hofmeyr was a low blow; I hope you have a Titanic event.”

@JvZyl99: “Pathetic, never again. A clown convinced you to cancel Steve Hofmeyr.”

@Adolf23554550: “I have been on one cruise before when Opera was in SA, but because of the MSC stunt with Steve Hofmeyr, I will never ever go on MSC again!”