Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s wife responded to claims that she allegedlu cheated on her husband. Image via Instagram @marjorie_harvey

Steve Harvey on how he met his wife Marjorie amid cheating claims

Following rumours that his wife Marjorie cheated on him, stand-up comedian and TV host Steve Harvey opened up about how he met her.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s wife responded to claims that she allegedlu cheated on her husband. Image via Instagram @marjorie_harvey

Seasoned comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey and his Marjorie’s marriage has recently made it into social media’s trending lists following Marjorie being accused by X users of having an affair with her husband’s bodyguard and chef. The couple have slammed the rumours in their own ways and now, in a recent X post, Steve has taken a trip down memory lane and told his fans and social media followers the story of he made Marjorie his wife.


Steve Harvey was previously married to Marcia Harvey, an accomplished African-American author, Briefly reported. They reportedly tied the knot in 1980, before Steve became the successful comedian and TV host that we all know today. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out and they later called it quits.

Steve has opened up about how he met his current wife Marjorie, 57. This follows after X trolls showed their nasty side with claims that the 66-year-old TV host’s wife had stepped out of her marriage with the staff.

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“I met Marjorie in the late 80s. But that’s when I became homeless. I met her at a comedy club. I was performing one night and she came in. I wasn’t no star or nothing. Nobody knew me. Oh, she took my breath away. And I stopped talking and the audience was just looking at me and they started laughing,” he recalled.

“The very first words I ever said to Marjorie were I kid you not, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’m gonna marry you one day’. I told her that in 1987,” Steve shared.

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Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey’s responded to cheating allegations. Image via Instagram @marjorie_harvey


Steve Harvey also opened up about being homeless and explained that he could no longer drive out to Memphis to visit Marjorie. He admits that he was embarrassed by his circumstances, and to top it off, Marjorie had a little girl so he chose to distance himself from her.

“I had no money, no nothing,” he said.

By 2005, Steve’s finances looked different and his divorce was finalised by the courts. He explained that although his divorce had been made official in 2005, his marriage had ended way before the court formalised it.

“I got a jet the next day and went to Memphis. She [Marjorie] came to the hotel and had lunch. I sat her down and I said I’m gonna marry you just like I promised you in the 80s,” the popular TV host shared.

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“She had no idea I had gotten divorced the day before,” he added.

During their lunch, Steve decided to reveal his divorce details to Marjorie. He joked that he can understand how untrue his divorce date sounded to her and shared that she didn’t buy his story one bit when he first presented it to her.

“She looked at me and said, ‘Boy, please’… When I got through, I convinced her. [And] I’ve been with her ever since,” Steve concluded.

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