Will the Springboks wear green and gold in the quarter-finals?
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Will Springboks wear green, gold against France in quarter-finals?

Green and gold for the win? Will the Springboks done their proud home kit in their Rugby World Cup quarter-finals clash against Ireland?


Will the Springboks wear green and gold in the quarter-finals?
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The Springboks are set to take on Rugby World Cup hosts France in the quarter-finals next weekend. But will they wear their “lucky” green and gold kit for the clash?

The Boks – who have been forced to wear alternate kits during the competition – will be defending their 2019 World Cup title.


In their four pool games, the Springboks wore their home kit twice. According to SA Rugby, this was due to a strict colour blindness policy, which came into effect in the Rugby World Cup.

It said in a statement: “The Springboks are not permitted to wear the green and gold jersey in every Test match – as much as we would like to.”

This, despite the fact that the “primary jersey of green and gold is always worn as the first choice whenever permitted”.

Springboks, romania, kit
Springboks fans have credited the national team’s green and gold kit for their impressive win against Romania. Images via Twitter: @springboks

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It’s unclear if the SA team will wear their home kit in the quarter-finals clash as yet. An announcement will likely be made closer to the game.


On Saturday, 7 October, Ireland and Scotland faced off in their final Pool B clash. The Irish rugby team wore their traditional green kit, while the Scots wore a dark blue.

But it was a different scenario for SA last month, who were forced to ditch their green jersey for an away kit against the Scots. According to World Rugby, this was over a “kit clash.”

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@ruby_clipper: “Please tell us why Ireland were allowed to wear their green jerseys to play Scotland last night, but the Springboks had to wear their alternate kit to play Scotland? Is the Irish kit some sort of special green that colourblind folks can now suddenly see?”

@Tizo_Bati: “So suddenly colorblind people could see the Green of Ireland and Navy Blue of Scotland, yet other countries are forced to wear white kits.”

@rcjay: “Why are Ireland and Scotland playing in their home colours, but the Boks had to wear their away kit?”



SA vs Scotland: Away kit (Hyper-jade and white)

SA vs Romania: Home kit (green and gold)

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Ireland vs SA: Second alternate kit (White with hyper-jade colour)

Tonga vs SA: Home kit