Lulu Menziwa

SA sexy teacher Lulu Menziwa and Zimbabwean millionaire Ginimbi. Images via Twitter @lulumenziwa and @geniuskadungu

SA ‘rich’ teacher discusses her relationship with millionaire Ginimbi

SA’s‘ ‘sexiest’ and ‘richest’ teacher Lulu Menziwa says she was in a relationship with Zimbabwean millionaire Ginimbi before he died.

Lulu Menziwa

SA sexy teacher Lulu Menziwa and Zimbabwean millionaire Ginimbi. Images via Twitter @lulumenziwa and @geniuskadungu

South Africa’s ‘sexiest’ and ‘richest’ teacher Lulu Menziwa revealed on her Instagram Live that she was in a sexual relationship with Zimbabwean millionaire Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who died in November 2020 from a horrific car accident. 

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The popular teacher Lulu Menziwa, who reportedly has a net worth, which allegedly amounts to R7 million added that the late Zimbabwean millionaire Ginimbi made her feel like she was the only girl in his life even though she knew there were others.

“He will love you, talk to you every day, and make you feel special. He was that kinda guy, even though you know there are others. We were having sex.”

She adds that Ginimbi told her he was not married when they met. iHarare adds she rubbished claims that he was ever married to Zimbabwean businesswoman Zodwa Mnkadla or any other woman for that matter.

“When we met he said to me. No, he was not married to a girl abati uZozo. Ginimbi never gets married, he never gets married to anyone, women go around and claim.”

The 30-year-old educator also took to her Instagram account in 2022 to pay tribute to her Zimbabwean ex-lover Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure on his death anniversary.

“On this day 2 years back we lost you G. Continue resting,” she wrote.

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iHarare reports that Lulu Menziwa’s ex-lover Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure passed away in a road traffic accident along Borrowdale Road together with three friends Limumba Karim from Malawi, a model only identified as Elisha from Mozambique and fitness trainer Mitchelle Amuli aka Moana.

Sowetan reports that the 36-year-old had been driving his R5 million Rolls-Royce Wraith which collided head-on with three other vehicles.According to eyewitnesses, the speeding Rolls-Royce veered off the road and hit a tree before going up in flames.

He was popular for the lavish birthday parties he held annually at any chosen destination in Southern Africa. His last birthday bash in Harare reportedly cost US$50,000 (R900,000). He had business interests in gas and petroleum and owned a Ferrari 488 Spider, Ranger Rovers, a Lamborghini, a Bentley, Mercedes-Benzes, and a G Wagon, according to Sowetan.

Thrilling reports that the millionaire’s net worth was estimated to be about $5 million (R87 million) based on his business assets and income.

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