MaBlerh and Sorisha

RHOD reunion host MaBlerh and cast member Sorisha. Images via Instagram @MaBlerh, @sorishanaidoo

‘Sorisha, why didn’t you tell Annie?’: ‘RHOD reunion’ host strikes!

The #RHODurbanReunion part two trailer is out and viewers are eating humble pie after critising host MaBlerh for being biased in part one.

MaBlerh and Sorisha

RHOD reunion host MaBlerh and cast member Sorisha. Images via Instagram @MaBlerh, @sorishanaidoo

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) reunion host Mthokozisi “MaBlerh” Cele has been vindicated following the release of part of the show’s reunion trailer where he held Sorisha accountable for her “sneaky” ways.

Following part one of the reunion, viewers accused MaBlerh of being biased and “fearing” Sorisha as he did not ask her about not revealing to her bestie, Annie, that controversial chef Sane confessed to thrash-talking her.

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During the chef’s meet-up with Jojo and Nonku, she claimed that Annie “slept her way to the to” by working as Durban tycoon Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu’s personal assistant (PA) and later marrying him.

“She’s supposed to look down on people, I mean she was just a lousy PA and then you sleep your way up there,” she had said.

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Sane’s claims were a major talking point throughout season three. However, she continously found ways to evade the topic or pin the claims on someone else. The only person she admitted to saying those words to, was Sorisha who in turn did not tell Annie about it.

As a result, viewers called the former actress out and labelled her a “snake”. Others wanted her to account for her actions and MaBlerh was the man to force her to do so.

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Annie Mthembu
Annie Mthembu. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition


The host seems to have asked the right questions, according to part two of the reunion trailer, as he is heard asking Sorisha why she kept Sane’s confession a secret from Annie.

When MaBlerh was labelled biased, he responded: “Please, guys, let’s wait for part 2 before allegations of me taking sides,” he wrote.

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