Somizi wrote his late parents an open letter on his feed. Image via Instagram @somizi/ via Twitter @ImRealshaz

‘I don’t walk alone’: Somizi’s open letter to his late parents [photos]

Somizi penned an open letter to his late father Ndaba Walter Mhlongo and mother Mary Twala as he remembered them ahead of his new journey.


Somizi wrote his late parents an open letter on his feed. Image via Instagram @somizi/ via Twitter @ImRealshaz

 As Somizi Mhlongo embarks on his new journey, following the launch of his children’s clothing line, Sompire Kids, he took a trip down memory lane in an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, 19 September and appreciated his late parents, Mary Twala and Ndaba Walter Mhlongo for always believing in him.


Somizi’s father Ndaba Walter Mhlongo was an actor and choreographer and was best known for playing the role of Mshefane in the 1977 production Inyakanyaka. He passed away in 1989. The flamboyant Idols judge’s mother Mary Kuksie Twala was also in the showbiz industry and was laid to rest at 80 years old in 2020.

On his feed on Tuesday, Somizi penned his late parents a letter of appreciation as he shared that they have always had his back and motivated him to do what he loved.

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“Ma and Pa this is me, your son. Thank you for always allowing me to be me, always. When I said I want to be an artist, you never said finish your matric as plan B because you have always believed in my Plan A and so did I,” he wrote.

“And plan A has had its ups and downs. At some point, I wish I had plan B. But I’m glad I hung on. Plan A is now paying off,” he added.

Photos of Somizi’s parents, father, Ndaba Walter Mhlongo and mother Mary Twala. Image via Twitter @ImRealshaz/ via Instagram @realblackmotion

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Somizi Mhlongo sealed off last month by venturing into a kids clothing line with his new brand, Somphire Kids. He is a father of one. His daughter Bahumi Mhlongo (28) is a motivational Instagram influence which proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as the Somphire slogan also speaks positivity and confidence. It read: Brave Enough To Be Yoself.

“Positive affirmations are the building blocks of a child’s inner strength and well-being,” ZiMoja quoted Somizi as saying.

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“I knew that one day I’d be the CEO of something. I thought that would have happened 20 years ago. But I’m glad it’s only happening now because I’m ready. Here’s to my legacy. It’s gonna be another rough [and] tough journey, but you bet I’m READY. Luckily, I don’t walk alone. I have YOU around me all the time,” he continued in his open letter to his parents.

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