Sol Phenduka

Sol Phenduka goes on weight loss journey. Images via Instagram @solphenduka.

‘It’s deliberate’: Sol Phenduka embarks on weight loss journey

‘Podcast and Chill’ host Sol Phenduka revealed that he is going through a weight loss journey and explained that he is ‘naturally heavy’.

Sol Phenduka

Sol Phenduka goes on weight loss journey. Images via Instagram @solphenduka.

Radio and podcast host Sol Phenduka revealed that he has started his weight loss journey via an Instagram post on 16 March.

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Controversial Podcast and Chill host Sol Phenduka opened up about starting his weight loss journey. He joked that when he loses weight in about five months, no one should ask if he is sick, “it’s deliberate”. Take a look…

“About to embark on this weight loss journey again. In five months time please don’t (ask) I am sick. It’s deliberate,” he captioned the post when translated to English.

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Taking to Twitter, the radio host also responded to a tweet – he revealed that he is not insecure. However, he feels being “overly obese” is not healthy and wants to live longer.

“I don’t feel insecure. Being overly obese is unhealthy. I have a 4 year old daughter,” he tweeted. 

“I don’t want to die (because) of lifestyle choices and things I can avoid. I need at least 30 more years on this earth. This body is the only 1 I have,” he continued.

“Health is wealth,” he added.

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Sol Phenduka also revealed that he is naturally heavy. He also shared a photo of when he was “slimmer” and weighed 110kg. 

“Lol .I know. I’m actually very very heavy .Even people who look more (round) than me (weigh) less. Here I weighed 110 kg,” he wrote.

“Naturally I’m heavy. So I always weigh heavier than I look. Even when slimmer,” he continued.

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