Lebohang Cheeseboy Mokoena

Mokoena during his young prime at the Sea Robbers. Image via Twitter @makwande_m

Soccer star Lebohang ‘Cheeseboy’ Mokoena’s wife dies giving birth

Former Bafana Bafana captain and midfielder Lebohang ‘Cheeseboy’ Mokoena opened up about his wife’s sudden death and his state of mind.

Lebohang Cheeseboy Mokoena

Mokoena during his young prime at the Sea Robbers. Image via Twitter @makwande_m

Earlier this week, former Bafana Bafana and Swallows soccer captain and midfielder, Lebohang ‘Cheeseboy’ Mokoena was interviewed on Prime Sports with Mahlatse and opened up about tragically losing his wife while she was giving birth to their fourth child.


Lebohang ‘Cheeseboy’ Mokoena said his wife was prophetic. He explained that she prophesied her time and would always remind him that one day she would no longer be around.

“A hard pill to swallow… A shock of my life because this person is my soulmate. Somebody that has been a part of my life for most of my years. I think I’ve known my wife for the past 14 years,” he shared.

Cheeseboy and his wife had been married for eight years when she passed away four months ago. He shared that he finds himself having to go down on his knees and pray for strength to take on the new task of now having to wear both hats in his household.

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“She brought a lot of changes and I learned a lot from my wife in terms of how to conduct myself… I have always put family first… from the club that I come from you know, we’ve always been taught to put family first. I think that’s why I decided to get married early in my career which most players don’t do. I think that brought a lot of stability in my life,” he said.

“Even in the heavens, I know that she’s looking down on me to take care of the kids and fulfill all the dreams that we wanted to achieve. She is dearly missed,” he added.

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Lebohang Cheeseboy Mokoena
Lebohang ‘Cheeseboy’ Mokoena opened up about his wife’s death. Image via Twitter @makwande_m


The former Bafana Bafana captain’s wife struggled to breathe and succumbed to her death, ZiMoja reported. Lebohang Cheeseboy Mokoena revealed that he is currently going for counseling and decided to take a career break to focus on his four children and their mental health.

“She passed whilst giving birth by the way. During her pregnancy, she said to me ‘Look, the gynae said I shouldn’t be working that much’, so she was not longer having to cook and be up for long,” he shared.

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Before the passing of his wife, the 36-year-old soccer star said his late wife involved him in many things pertaining to maintaining to their household including cooking and getting the kids ready for school.

“God works in mysterious ways… I was not aware she was actually maybe preparing me that maybe one day she would not be here,” he said.

The soccer star and his late wife tied the knot in Vooslorus on 28 December 2015, TshisaLIVE reported.

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