Rachel was freezing in Durban. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘This is work’: Siya complains as Rachel requests for help in winter

Rachel Kolisi frequently shares videos of her husband, Siya on her social media. This time she exposed just how difficult he can be at home.


Rachel was freezing in Durban. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

In a video shared on her Instagram Story, on Monday, 22 May, Rachel Kolisi decided to exposed just how lazy her husband, rugby captain Siya can be when she asks him to help her behind closed doors.


It seems the winter cold weather has officially covered the rest of Mzansi. Not even Durban, one of the country’s hottest provinces was immune to the freezing cold. During these cold evenings, it’s always a good plan to make oneself a warm cup of hot cocoa, or even cook up a stew that’s not only going to make the house warm but also keep you feeling warm after having eaten it.

For those with a significant other, it’s also not a bad idea to light the fireplace and cuddle up with one another. Well, that’s not exactly how things went for Rachel on Monday. Instead, in her case she was sitting on the couch, minding her business, and had Siya on her case for covering herself with a warm and fuzzy blanket.

In the video, it seems Siya had been asked by the mother of his kids to place another blanket on top of the one she already had over her. The Sharks captain can be heard complaining that he only had one hand available, saying,

“It’s a big blanket for Durban…This is work.”

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Siya Kolisi teased Rachel in Durban because she was cold. Image via Instagram (screenshot) rachelkolisi


Like many sports, rugby is a gruesome game and players can frequently expect to hurt themselves on the field. It’s uncertain what was wrong with Siya’s hand in the video. However, he has recently undergone a knee operation, IOL reported. He was said to have partially torn his anterior cruciate ligaments and had the surgery six days later. Earlier this year, he announced that accepted a contract in Europe to play for France club, Racing 92 and said that he would be relocating with the rest of his family shortly after the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

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