Siya Kolisi

Siv Ngesi unwrapped a box with Siya Kolis’s rugby boots. Image via Instgaram @sivngesi

RWC: Siv Ngesi unboxes Siya Kolisi’s stylish rugby boots [watch]

‘Zwide is on the map’: A social media user voiced after seeing a pair of Siya Kolisi’s soccer boots in Siv Ngesi’s Instagram post

Siya Kolisi

Siv Ngesi unwrapped a box with Siya Kolis’s rugby boots. Image via Instgaram @sivngesi

In an Instagram video shared on Thursday, 21 September, South African actor and comedian Siv Ngesi showed off a recent gift he received and had his fans and social media followers envious.


Siv Ngesi unwrapped a green box with a pair of limited-edition soccer boots. He was gifted a pair of ADIZERO RS15 PRO SOFT GROUND rugby boots. According to the Adidas website, the colourful leather boots retail for a whopping R4 500. The boots were created by none other than the Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi. He collaborated with Adidas earlier this year to mark his 10-year anniversary of his professional sporting excellence.

“The design is inspired by my journey; however, it goes beyond just representing me… It symbolises hope for children from the same background as mine. It serves as a reminder that regardless of the challenges we face, impossible is nothing” Sunday World quoted Kolisi as saying at the time.

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The multi-coloured rugby boot’s design has a significant meaning with each colour.

“Green and gold pay homage to the African Bombers, blue represents my high school, Grey PE, red and black symbolise the Mighty Elephants and Sharks respectively. Blue stands for the Stormers [where he made his Super Rugby debut], and the touch of pink commemorates the Mother’s Day jersey Adidas crafted [in 2015], featuring my mother’s name,” the Springbok captain reportedly added.

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Siya Kolisi
A photo of Siv Ngesi. Image via Instagram @sivngesi


“I think we’re the same size 😂,” @tumishomasha joked.

“Next level stuff! Siya is in a league of his own, abamuyeke!” @sibongincobo replied.

“Makes me wanna play rugby even though I’ve never played rugby,” @thebryonarendse said.

“Zwide is on the map, stand up GQ🙌,” @thuli_ndzotyana commented.

“Mayingabi yi [let it not be] Limited edition 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌Homeboy is doing the things,” @theuncle_chef replied.

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