Sindisiwe Manqele has shared details about her documentary on her murder of boyfriend Flabba.
Image via YouTube screenshot: Podcast And Chill/Facebook: Skwatta Kamp

‘Sindisiwe is trying to cash in’: Flabba’s baby mamas slam his killer

‘Why can’t Sindisiwe leave him alone?’: Flabba’s widow says their daughter is going to therapy to deal with his death.


Sindisiwe Manqele has shared details about her documentary on her murder of boyfriend Flabba.
Image via YouTube screenshot: Podcast And Chill/Facebook: Skwatta Kamp

The mothers of late rapper Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi’s children have spoken out following his girlfriend and killer Sindisiwe Manqele’s interview on Podcast and Chill on 10 October.

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According to SowetanLIVE, Flabba’s widow Mpho Habedi and the mother of his children Karabo Shole, slammed Manqele for using his name to make money true a documentary she said is in the pipeline.

Manqele was sentenced to 12 years in prison for fatally stabbing the Skwatta Kamp member in March 2015. In May this year, she was released on parole.

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Speaking to MacG, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady about that fateful day, the 33-year-old said that incident was a “mistake”.

She further revealed that shortly before he took his last breath, he told her that he forgives her.

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“We spoke before he passed. I knew that he knew that I didn’t mean to do it”.

Manqele, who is now a law graduate, said that she wants South Africans to understand the full story of their drunken fight which led to Flabba’s demise.

“People will hopefully understand my story better when they watch the documentary 

“Everybody has their own opinions of who I am…hopefully his fans get the closure they need”.

She told the Podcasters that the documentary is still in production and does not yet have a release date or a broadcaster, also revealing that she is working with Zimbabwean filmmaker Eddie Chitate from Brainstorm Entertainment on it.

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Manqele’s interview and public appearances have opened up wounds for Flabba’s children and their mothers.

Mpho told SowetanLIVE that Manqele’s interview has affected her daughter who has been going to therapy since the musician’s passing.

“My daughter saw the interview and it affected her. Remember, she has been seeing a therapist since her father died. She was close to her father and she has been struggling with accepting his death.

She also revealed that her daughter visited Manqele while she was in prison to get some closure and her questions answered.

“I am also still healing from Flabba’s death; why can’t Sindisiwe leave him alone? I just want him to be allowed to rest in peace. I don’t understand why she is not doing a documentary about herself because she enjoys the spotlight.

“We watched on TV as she announced her graduation, meanwhile my daughter has completed matric and has no money to continue with her education. Flabba was taking care of his kids and they had to downgrade and go to public schools when he died.”

Shole, who has a 10-year-old son with Flabba _ who was three years old when his dad died — also shared Mpho’s sentiments. She slammed Manqele for trying to “cash in” using Flabba’s name.

“We are still in a healing process. We have teamed up as mothers for the benefit of the Flabba’s kids. We speak and help each other where we can. He was three years old when his father died. Now he was able to watch the podcast and listen to Sindisiwe trying to cash in on Flabba’s name. He was upset by the interview.

“I saw people comparing Sindisiwe to Jub-Jub but the truth is that Jub-Jub has not done a show to enrich himself using someone else’s name. He is doing his own thing. While Sindisiwe wants to be famous using Flabba’s name.”