Queen Lolly

Professional side chick and singer Queen Lolly. Images via Instagram @queen_lolly_sgananda

‘She is a bully’: Celeb side chick Queen Lolly is at it again

Self-proclaimed serial side chick and singer Queen Lolly is accused by ‘Omakhwapheni’ host and friend, Roberta Ngema, of steal her man.

Queen Lolly

Professional side chick and singer Queen Lolly. Images via Instagram @queen_lolly_sgananda

Queen Lolly, who has become more popular for being a serial side chick than being a singer, is being accused of stealing her friend’s man.

The media personality, who was friends with YouTube podcast co-host, Roberta Ngema, has responded to the claims via Sunday World.

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Roberta co-hosts the controversial podcast called Omakhwapheni – a colloquial term for mistresses, secret partners or “side chicks”. The show is a platform for women to bare all about their experiences as side chicks and Queen Lolly has been a regular guest on it.

Roberta, who had allegedly been dating television producer, Bongani Dladla, for a month, allegedly got dumped for the Nkandla-born singer. Bongani allegedly moved in with Queen Lolly at her house in Pretoria two weeks ago.

“We started fighting because she lies a lot ,she is a bully. She is good at taking people’s men and she doesn’t care at all as long as she is happy,” said Roberta.

She continued: “The mistake was when she asked his contact numbers. If I had known she asked for the numbers I was going to block her same time.”

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The podcaster also said that she was there for Queen Lolly as she was the one who begged Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG not to sue her fore her utterances on the show.

During the 2 February episode, the artisg name-dropped prominent figures she claimed to have had sexual relations with; including Big Zulu, Master KG and retired footballer Teko Modise. She also alleged that Master KG forced her to abort their baby, however calling herself his “baby mama”.

“I have had to beg Master KG not to sue her. He had letters written and everything. I asked him not to sue her because I know that she has nothing,” Roberta said.

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Queen Lolly
Singer Queen Lolly has claimed to have a string of celebrity exes, her latest allegedly including slain rapper AKA. Images via Instagram @queen_lolly_sgananda


Responding her friend’s allegations, Queen Lolly said that the podcaster is a failed celebrity wannabe. She added that Roberta wanted to be her manager and tried to get her on a reality TV show which did not cone to fruition.

“She is desperate. She is just a nobody trying to use my name for fame. I told her I want us to seperate peacefully. She has destroyed my name and career. She drugged me to say the things I have said on her podcast. Now she is accusing me of dating someone who has never even asked me out,” Queen Lolly said.

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Bongani also replied, saying his relationship with Roberta is not that serious.

“We haven’t even been dating for a month… She has lost her mind.”

Also speaking to City Press, he said: “Who is Rob? Queen Lolly is my sister and I am in a relationship with one woman, who is my baby mama. I don’t know Rob, I have never had a girlfriend called by that name.”