Bonang Matheba co-hosted the eighth annual Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. Image via Twitter @Bonang

‘Resign’: Bonang sends a subliminal message to Cyril Ramaphosa?

A subliminal tweet from Bonang Matheba “calling for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign” sent social media into a frenzy.


Bonang Matheba co-hosted the eighth annual Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. Image via Twitter @Bonang

Media personality Bonang Matheba’s subliminal tweet which suggested President Cyril Ramaphosa must resign divided social media following talks that he might step down because of the Phala Phala gate.  

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South Africans reacted to TV personality Bonang Matheba’s subliminal tweet which appeared to be calling for President Ramaphosa to resign from office.  

While fans of the radio personality applauded her for using her platform to address serious issues in the country, some called her a hypocrite as she was reportedly at the forefront when President Ramaphosa was appointed the president of the country.  

A tweep shared Matheba’s old video call to President Ramaphosa and congratulated him for his appointment as president. ZAlebs reports that Bonang Matheba also sent Ramaphosa a box set of her BNG bubbly.   

It is for this reason that tweeps lambasted her for possibly not benefiting from the government gigs anymore.  

MaZee: “But you’ve been video calling each other not so long ago.”

Sipho Hlophe: “You never said so during JZ’s time is not revealing that you’re also a RET.”

Sekwati Mafoho: “Good bcos u were one of the beneficiaries of lotto money.” 

Barry Nkomo: “Were government gigs closed for you jollofina?”


Mail and Guardian report that President Cyril Ramaphosa has no choice but to resign, following an independent report into his conduct at Phala Phala.   

Ramaphosa’s resignation would do more for accountability than any of his attempts in office to reverse the ANC’s longstanding record of corruption, the publication adds.  

“He should resign regardless of the outcome of any criminal trial or impeachment proceeding. This is not to say that he is not in legal trouble. The damaging effect of the independent panel’s findings on Phala Phala suggests criminality and unconstitutionality on the president’s part,” reports Mail and Guardian. 

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