Inside The Kolisi’s first week in Paris. Images via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

‘While we prepare for school’: Rachel Kolisi on week one in Paris

Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel updated her followers on what her family’s first week in Paris has been like. Take a look…


Inside The Kolisi’s first week in Paris. Images via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

Rachel Kolisi, the wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi, gave her followers a look into her and and her family’s first week in Paris via an Instagram post on Sunday 27 August.

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Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel shared an inside look at her family’s life since their move to Paris just over a week ago. She and their two kids – Nicholas (8) and Keziah (6), took a trip from Paris to London to watch the Springboks play against the All Blacks on Friday 25 August. She also revealed that her kids are preparing to start school, she is learning French and more. Take a look…

“It’s been 1 week since our move. We were really fortunate to go to London last week and see Siya, watch the game and host our first ever @kolisi_foundation UK fundraiser,” she began.

“This week will be our first week staying in Paris while we prepare for school, Nic will be going into “year 4” grade 4 and Kez “year 1” / grade 1. I had to drive Nic to the doctor in the city today (pretty much everything is closed on a Sunday). Feeling a bit more confident behind the wheel but still take plenty of wrong turns 🙃. I did a grocery shop yesterday, I already hate shopping but shopping when everything is in a different language is a whole other level of exhausting! I’ve started doing some French lessons on a app @duolingo until we’re a little more settled and I can figure out actual classes,” she continued.

“It’s also Nics birthday on Sunday so trying to think of a nice way to celebrate considering he hasn’t made friends here yet. Considering a Disney trip 😅. The other morning I woke up feeling super sad and a bit scared, it kind of comes in waves, it’s the same for the kids, but we try remind each other of all there is to look forward to, and being busy does help – I think,” she added.

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This comes after Rachel revealed that her son Nicolas caught a horrible virus while after their Paris move. The mom of two feels that it has something to do with their big move and nerves of him starting at a new school. Take a look…

“16 hours of vomiting and runny tummy brought us here. He’s caught a horrible virus. But my mom intuition says the move has been A LOT to digest, also nerves for school next week,” she wrote.

Nicholas Kolisi caught a virus. Image via Instagram @rachel_kolisi.

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