Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee explained how he felt about Black Coffee. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa/ realblackcoffee

‘I need you to earn my respect’: Prince Kaybee on Black Coffee

Prince Kaybee explained his feelings towards Black Coffee and shared his true feelings about why he won’t ever collaborate with him.

Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee explained how he felt about Black Coffee. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa/ realblackcoffee

During an interview with Everything SA Music, South African musician Prince Kaybee got candid about why he would never collaborate with international deejay Black Coffee.


The popular Fetch Your Life hitmaker voiced several reasons why he didn’t gravitate towards Black Coffee.

This follows “stunts that were done on Twitter” where Prince Kaybee reportedly said the Drive hitmaker made a comment about his personality without even knowing him, Kaya FM reported.

The artists’ beef was said to have been ongoing for some time now and their feud was reportedly rehashed after Black Coffee commented about Prince Kaybee in an Interview on Podcast and Chill recently.

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According to IOL, on Twitter, Prince Kaybee was believed to have Tweeted something directed to deejay Euphonik and Black Coffee involved himself in the discussion asking Prince Kaybee if he saw himself as a celebrity.

During his interview with Everything SA Music, Prince Kaybee could be heard saying,

“For him to represent my character like that was a bit off and I don’t think it’s worth my response…

“I’ve got this thing about me, apparently it’s being arrogant. I really need you to earn my respect from a very personal point. Respect and recognition are two different things. I can recognize you as the world’s number one DJ but you can’t force me to respect you. [Do] You understand? He added”

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee shared his feelings towards Black Coffee. Image via Instagramprincekaybee_sa/realblackcoffee @

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 “There is no reason for me to see him as a god – others do, but I also don’t think that Black Coffee has got a dope catalogue, from a creative perspective, as a producer and musician, the Charlotte hitmaker was quoted as saying.”

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