Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla is now the official Queen of England. Image via Getty Images

All hail! Vilified mistress Queen Camilla becomes official queen

Following the coronation of King Charles III, his mistress-turned-wife Camilla was said to have transformed from Queen Consort to Queen.

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla is now the official Queen of England. Image via Getty Images

Since serving as Queen Consort from September 2022, it was reported that on Coronation day, Queen Camilla will be officially crowd Queen of England, the Independent reported.


It was reported that she would be anointed and crowned during a historic ceremony that will take place in Westminster Abbey.

On the eve of the coronation, Buckingham Palace was said to have already begun referring to her as “Queen Camilla” on the monarchy’s official account.

Taking to Twitter, the Royal Family tweeted,

“Westminster Abbey is ready for the #Coronation 👑 of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.”

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However, online users have voiced their true opinions regarding England’s developments.

Many remembered the late Princess Diana and accused Queen Camilla of stealing her crown.

Diana was married to King Charles III and had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

She sustained head injuries and died in 1997 after being chased down by paparazzi after she left her wrecked marriage.

During Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles at the time, Camilla was reportedly third-wheeling their marriage as the vilified mistress.

According to The Guardian, Queen Camilla, and King Charles’ strong bond wrecked both their marriages.

Royal historian and author Robert Lacey was quoted as saying,

“Her [Queen Camilla’s] transformation becomes, really, the dominant narrative of his life. And her sitting on the throne beside him at Westminster Abbey, without any popular ambivalence, is the culmination of that.”

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Queen Camilla
King Charles III and Queen Camilla were transformed at the historical coronation. Image via Getty Images


“She’s still officially a home wrecker, she never gave Charles a break to make his marriage to Diana work. She will NEVER be my queen,” @physicsam said.

“CamZilla will never be The People’s Queen. Only Diana!” @SueTyler4265 wrote.

“She will always be known as the thief that stole Diana’s crown,” @KarisInGreek commented.

“To all other “side chicks,” and adulterers… never quit dreaming! It can happen to you too!” @JimDawz voiced.

“What an embarrassment,” @SharedGround reacted.

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