Pearl Thusi clears the air on Pabi Cooper comment.
Image via Twitter

‘Do you have proof?’: Pearl Thusi dragged after accusing staff of stealing

Media personality Pearl Thusi has been criticised by tweeps after she alleged her home staff had allegedly stolen from her…


Pearl Thusi clears the air on Pabi Cooper comment.
Image via Twitter

Pearl Thusi has had the unfortunate experience of having her personal items stolen from her home.

What’s worse is that she alleges that someone close to her is behind the alleged crime.

The actress and media personality made the revelations on her Twitter account.


She tweeted of the incident: “My home staff has been stealing from me. I’m hacked”.

The mom-of-two revealed that she felt hurt and betrayed by the alleged crime. She also felt torn on how to handle it.

She added: “The saddest thing is when staff in your home steal from you, it’s like losing family. And without proof of who did it – you have to pay for their crime to let them go or deal with the CCMA. That’s actually crazy”.

“The stuff is just missing and no one knows what happened but they’re the only other people with access to the property missing. I’m actually hurt. I really cared for these people”.

After weighing her options, Pearl Thusi decided that she would find the alleged thieving culprit by following following the “right procedure”.

This, according to a tweep, involved launching a formal investigation, conducting disciplinary hearing and applying sanctions.

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But whilst a few tweeps sympathised with the star, many dragged Pearl Thusi over her damning and unproven allegations.

“When you pay employees peanuts they pay themselves”

“Are you sure, it’s really stolen? Sometimes we misplace stuff”

“But Twitter is not a police station!”

“If you don’t have proof who did it how do you know it’s the helper?”

“January has so much accusations. It is a sign that you are running out of resources. Don’t blame people!”