Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema shared her age with her fans. Image via Instagram @nonhle_thema

Nonhle Thema reveals her age and reflects on her rebellious youth

Seasoned South African media personality Nonhle Thema revealed her age as she went down memory lane, talking about her rebellious youth.

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema shared her age with her fans. Image via Instagram @nonhle_thema

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, 1 August, actress and media personality Nonhle Thema reflected on her younger days and also revealed her age which had her fans and social media followers surprised.


Nonhle Thema previously opened up about being a monster in her 20s, TshisaLIVE reported. She has now become more calm in her 40s and has her attention focussed on different things.

“I’m grateful I’m healthy and alive and beautiful. I’m happy. Finally, I gym a lot [and], I’m health-focused,” she was quoted as saying.

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In Thema’s recent Instagram posts, she went down memory lane and reflected on her late teens and early 20s and shared that she was obsessed with piercings because they were the IT thing back then. She also confessed to having had a few as well.

“The belly ring at 21 😍😍😍 was everything, I miss [it] so much, and my tongue ring 🙏🏽 ❤️. I had a tongue ring at 18 😂. I did it right after high school and a belly ring but no tattoos 💃 I just felt like a real rebel 😇 I always hated being normal,” she said.

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It’s now been two decades since Thema turned 20 and she proudly revealed that at her age, 41, she no longer has piercings.

“At 41, we now pose like this… No belly rings 👀,” she added.

“Grateful for Jesus Christ saving me 🙏🏽❤️ Yes, I Am A Christian 😘,” she shared.

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Nonhle Thema
Nonhle Thema shared her love for piercings. Image via Instagram @nonhle_thema


“41? You look like you are still in your 20s; looking good sweetheart and God bless you with many more years of health and happiness. The rest is just a bonus,” @jmapalakanye said.

“Amen🙌, you look fabulous at 41 darling😍🔥,” @iglowwww2 commented.

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