'Shaka Ilembe'

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha as Queen Nandi in ‘Shaka Ilembe’. Images via Twitter

‘That was real’: Nomzamo Mbatha on cow dung in ‘Shaka Ilembe’

Actress and ‘Shaka Ilembe’ producer Nomzamo Mbatha, who plays Queen Nandi explains the cow dung scene in series.

'Shaka Ilembe'

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha as Queen Nandi in ‘Shaka Ilembe’. Images via Twitter

Talented actress Nomzamo Mbatha, who portrays the character of Shaka Zulu’s mother Queen Nandi took to her social media on Sunday, 30 July to react to the cow dung scene in Shaka Ilembe.

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The Shaka Ilembe executive producer Nomzamo Mbatha revealed on her social media that the cow dung used in the series by her character, Queen Nandi was real.

“That was real, by the way”.

In the episode, her husband Senzangakhona (Senzo Radebe) chases her away and she returns to her birthplace in eLangeni with her daughter and son, Shaka.

When she arrives, she is contended with humiliation at the hands of her brother Mgabhi (Siyabonga Shibe) who tells her she’s an embarrassment to the family.

“You’re a disgrace,” says Mgabhi to Nandi while spitting on the ground.

Nandi is not treated like royalty by her brother who makes her clean her own hut with cow dung, fetches water etc.

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The actress Nomzamo Mbatha, who plays the role of Queen Nandi and produces the drama series Shaka Ilembe previously revealed to TshisaLIVE that she doesn’t see naked bodies in the series and is unapologetic about how they showcase the story. 

Mbatha added that she sees people dressed culturally correct for the times they are depicting.

“It’s also important for us to have public discourse about the show because if we don’t that means we have made something mediocre, and I think we have made a very special project. Just like how sports, politics and religion or any other thing divides people, Shaka iLembe might do the same.”

This is after some Mzansi Magic viewers attempted to stop MultiChoice from airing content showing bare-breasted women on the hit drama series.

She also revealed to Sowetan that she had to do a lot of research for the Queen Nandi role and believes Shaka Zulu is an important story to tell and they are telling it differently.

“If you can listen to my interviews I have always said I wanted to play the Queen Nandi role. I am happy that I had to portray it.”  

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