natasha joubert, miss sa

Natasha Joubert’s Miss SA win has raised eyebrows.
Images via Instagram: @natasha_joubert

Rigged? Natasha Joubert’s Miss SA win gets mixed reactions

Social media users have claimed that Natasha Joubert’s Miss SA win was ‘planned’ or ‘politically motivated’. Here is the latest…

natasha joubert, miss sa

Natasha Joubert’s Miss SA win has raised eyebrows.
Images via Instagram: @natasha_joubert

While many South Africans have congratulated Natasha Joubert on her Miss SA win, others have cried foul over her “favouritism.”

Some have even claimed that the beauty pageant was “rigged” in her favour.

The Johannesburg beauty queen took home the title at a glittering finale event at the SunBet Arena on Sunday, 13 August. 

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In an Instagram Story, Natasha Joubert reflected on her win. She said: “It’s a very surreal feeling. It definitely hasn’t sunk in”.

She added in her acceptance speech: “I am incredibly honoured and humbled to be crowned Miss South Africa 2023.

“As I step into this new role, I am filled with a sense of responsibility to make a positive difference in the world around me. I believe that success is not just about personal accomplishments, but about the opportunities we have to give back and uplift those around us. I will strive to be a source of inspiration and support for others, just as I have been supported on my journey now and before”.

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Natasha re-entred Miss SA after previously placing in the Top 3 in 2020. In 2021, Natasha competed at Miss Universe, where she didnt place in the Top 21.

According to Natasha, this was her driving force to try again.

She said in a social media post about her time at Miss Universe: “It was hard to accept. It wasn’t something I expected. I’m still trying to understand, and there is obviously not a certain answer I am going to get at this moment. 

“Everything happens for a reason, and that’s literally the only thing I can look at – is saying, there’s a reason why I didn’t make it.”

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On social media, Natasha Joubert was a trending topic. And while many were thrilled at her win, others claimed she was “favoured” by pageant organisers.

Some even claimed that the competition was rigged and politically or racially motivated.

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@X_Heights: “This was a political decision to try and push the rainbow nation narrative after ‘Kill the Boer.’ Miss SA, who is a white Afrikaner, will try and change the narrative overseas. This has Cyril Ramaphosa PR written all over.”

@gorgeousmatso: “Melissa had the best answer in the top 5! Nande had the best answer in the top 3! Both were sacrificed for Natasha, who failed at an international pageant already! The biggest joke! #MissSA2023

@BusiLethole: “Home girl had an unfair advantage from the very start. She’s had proper training from the Miss SA organisation before.”

@Cliff_Mampz: “I cannot  believe  these judges are giving  this  crown to Natasha  on a silver platter  in front of us…they can’t even hide their favouritism  when it comes to her.”

@Loux_Artiste: “Miss SA 2023 was rigged. They eliminated all the black girls to avoid having another black Miss SA.  No way Natasha should have won this.”