Musa Khawula, Connie Ferguson

Musa Khawula attacks Vonnie Ferguson. Images via instagram: @connieferguson, YouTube: Musa Khawula

Musa Khawula attacks Connie Ferguson: ‘Sit back!’ [watch]

Fans have called out Musa Khawula for attacking actress and producer Connie Ferguson and labelling her a ‘b**ch’.

Musa Khawula, Connie Ferguson

Musa Khawula attacks Vonnie Ferguson. Images via instagram: @connieferguson, YouTube: Musa Khawula

Murder-accused celebrity basher Musa khawula is back on social media to continue where he left off when he was permanently suspended on Twitter in September.

The controversial celebrity blogger is ruffling feathers on YouTube and one of his victims is veteran actress and businnesswoman Connie Ferguson.

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In a video last week, Musa — who has a murder case hanging over his head — verbally attacked Connie Ferguson for assuming the lead role in the second season of Kings of Joburg.

The Ferguson Films owner bid farewell to her character in The Queen last month, presumaby to focus her attention on the Netflix series which is due to premiere on 27 January 2023.

After the actress shared a video of Netflix shows to look forward to , including the the Kings of Joburg cast, Musa Khawula verbally attacked her and used an expletive to describe her. The lead role was assumed by her late husband Shona Ferguson in the first season,

Musa also claimed that actress Zikhona Sodlaka (Mandisa in The Wife) should assume the lead role because — according to him — she is better than Connie.

“That b*tch needs to cast you. You must replace her in the Kings of Joburg because I know you would wear that role better. Connie sits back and nurse your grandchildren and give people who are talented a chance,” he said.


Musa Khawula’s words, however, did not sit well with Connie’s fans as they called him out for his commentary.

“I guess he’s tryna be edgy or whatever it may be but Mrs Ferguson mdala [is an elder] and it’s rather distasteful lento ayenzayo [what he is doing], he can voice his opinion without being rude and disrespectful,” one tweep commented.

Another tweep replied: “I blame those who enable this murderer. He killed somebody, nothing entertaining about this!Is it a crime to be in the spotlight that we all think 🤔 its ok to be nasty or bully others??”