Ndavi Nokeri

Ndavi Nokeri went back in time and shared some old stories about herself. Image via Instagram @ndavi.nokerii

Miss SA 2022 Ndavi Nokeri takes a trip down memory lane [watch]

On Monday, 19 June, Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri gave her Instagram fans and followers a peek down memory lane as reflected on her journey.

Ndavi Nokeri

Ndavi Nokeri went back in time and shared some old stories about herself. Image via Instagram @ndavi.nokerii

In a video posted on Instagram on Monday, 19 June, Miss South Africa 2022 Ndavi Nokeri took her fans and online followers down memory lane as she shared some throwback videos and spoke openly about her come up in the modeling industry, to winning the Miss South Africa title, as well as her passion for the Ed-Unite campaign.


The Tzaneen, Limpopo-born model has already achieved so much in her 24 years and decided to reflect back on her journey. Earlier this year, she represented South Africa and contested at the 71st edition of the Miss Universe pageant which was held in New Orleans, United States. She made it to the top 16.

At just 23, Ndavi Nokeri won the Miss South Africa crown alongside runner-ups Lebogang Mahlangu and Ayanda Thabethe, News24 reported. Since her reign, she has been focused on her campaign and said giving back in the space of education is really all she’s ever wanted to do. According to IOL, during her crowing, she was quoted as saying,

“South Africa currently has the highest inequality rates globally. Having been exposed to extreme poverty as a child and thereafter being granted the opportunity to attend advantaged schools, I witnessed the negative effects of the great and unfair divide in this country.”

“My mission is to bridge that gap. Fundamentally, every young person is given the opportunity to cultivate their talents, intelligence, and skills, regardless of their background. This will enable us to reduce inequality by tackling the root causes of unemployment in South Africa,” Miss South Africa added.

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In her Instagram post, she went back in time and gave her fans and Instagram followers a glimpse into her Miss South Africa entry video. She can be seen and heard giggling adorably as she watched herself and saw just how far she’d come and said,

“I got so emotional when it started playing because I remember being that girl and just being very courageous and not knowing what the journey was going to hold.”

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Ndavi Nokeri
Ndavi Nokeri shared some old photos and videos of herself. Image via Instagram @ndavi.nokerii


Nokeri then shared a picture from her time in High School and revealed that she had actually been chosen to become deputy head girl. And, then she shared some snaps with her family which she appreciated and said that they have been her support structure throughout her journey.

“They are the people who carried me through every single stage. You know, people come into your life when you’ve already succeeded, but these are the people who will tell you the true stories, the true challenges, and how much it took for a person to achieve the things that they have achieved.”


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