Boity and Minnie Dlamini

Boity and Minnie brought all the heat ahead of the South African summer. Images via Instagram: @minniedlamini/@boity

Minnie, Boity top IG earners in SA – Here’s how much they make

According to a survey, celebs with over 1million followers on Instagram average roughly R280K monthly. Here’s how much Boity and Minnie make.

Boity and Minnie Dlamini

Boity and Minnie brought all the heat ahead of the South African summer. Images via Instagram: @minniedlamini/@boity

Social media advertising is one of the many lucrative ways to make money. The trick is in growing your following and engagement and ensuring that your brand is respectable so as to attract the right companies — just like South African media personalities Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini have done on Instagram.

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According to a survey by Net credit, the two stars are among South Africa’s top Instagram earners after making millions in 2021. The former Rockville actresses are placed in second and third place after cricketer AB de Villiers.

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To reveal the world’s top Instagram earners, the website first built a list of the most-followed Instagram stars from every country.

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With that, Net Credit used figures from the Instagram rich list to estimate the fee-per-ad for each country’s most-followed stars. They then counted up the number of sponsored posts made by each star in 2021 and multiplied this by their known or estimated ad fee.

Their findings reveal that celebs with over a million followers average roughly $15 356 (R280 008) per month.

Currently, Minnie Dlamini has 4.8 million followers, while Boity has 1 million more followers than her with 5.8 million.

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Net Credit revealed that Boity made a staggering $777 852 (R14.11 million) and Minnie Dlamini made a whooping $567,624 (R10 34 million) in 2021.

The site’s survey looked at top Instagram earners in every country globally. Their finding revealed that AB de Villiers makes the most money on the social media platform in the country, as he is said to have made $1.4 million (R26 million). Boity and Minnie hold the second and third spots in the country respectively.

When looking at the African continent, Egyptian musician Amr Diab takes the number one spot with $3.60 million (R65.27 million).

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The number one spot globally, however, goes to Manchester United soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. As the most followed person on Instagram, with 488 million followers, he made $85.22 million (R1.6 billion) in 2021.

The footballer is followed by his arch-rival, Lionel Messi who made $71.96 million (R1.3 billion) last year. The Paris Saint Germain (PSG) star is the third most followed person on Instagram with with 366 million followers, approximately 5 million behind reality TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner who is in the second spot.

The interesting thing to note is that although Kylie Jenner is the second most followed person on Instagram, she does not make the top ten Instagram earners list globally. This could be due to the number of sponsored posts she puts out per year, as well as the fee she charges per post or how much the companies she works worth pay per post.