Londie London, Hlubi Nkosi and Uminathi

Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi and their baby. Image via Twitter: @sasocialmedia

‘Looks like Hlubi’: Tweeps on Londie London’s daughter

‘This child looks exactly like Hlubi Nkosi. So which one is he suspecting is not his?’: Tweeps on Londie London’s daughter Bomikazi’s looks

Londie London, Hlubi Nkosi and Uminathi

Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi and their baby. Image via Twitter: @sasocialmedia

Musician Londie London’s second child, Bomikazi, is her father’s daughter.

This is according to social media users who could not believe the uncanny resemblance the little girl bears to her father, Hlubi Nkosi.

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Pictures of Bomikazi’s first birthday were shared by Londie on Sunday, 6 August, with the caption: “Celebrated @_bomi______ yesterday at our home with close friends 🥹👼. And what a beautiful day it was. Thank you to everyone that came through and made it extra special.”

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“Damn, she looks like Hlubi,” said one tweep in response to a picture of Londie and her daughter dressed in matching purple dresses.

“Lengane ifana nse noHlubi. Kanti iyiphi ayisolayo? [This child looks exactly like Hlubi. So which one is he suspecting is not his? ] Cause it can’t be this one,” another tweep enquired.

“Yaze yafana no Nkosi sek’shoda ibucket hat ye Gucci [This child looks so mu h like Nkosi, all that’s missing is a Gucci bucket hat],” said another Twitter user.

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In January this year, Zimoja reported that Hlubi wanted a paternity test for their firstborn baby, Uminathi.

Londie and Hlubi have two children together. The former couple, who was engaged, broke things off last year.

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According to the source, who is Londie’s friend, questions about who the father of their son is were raised.

“Hlubi suspects that the baby is the late famous DJ’s who recently died after being shot. This has been causing so much tension between the two,” the source said, adding that a DNA test will be done.

In May, The Popcorn Room reported: “The DNA results are out. It is alleged that Londie London’s firstborn child is indeed NOT Hlubi’s Nkosi son. A close source has revealed this as the main reason why Londie was sent packing from Hlubi’s mansion.”

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However, Londie hit back, asking: “Niyenze nobani leyo DNA???? [Who did you conduct that DNA test with? ] Where is it ?????”


During her interview with rapper and podcaster L-Tido on his YouTube in June, the singer explained that their relationship ended because he “switched up” on her and stopped being supportive and consistent.

“It got to a point where the relationship was very dark for me. There was no support, he was till living his bachelor life and I felt like I had the plans alone when we actually had the plans together,” she explained.

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The Suk’Emabhozeni singer shared that Hlubi is also emotionally and financially unavailable for the kids.

“Emotionally, definitely not. Financially he does whatever he wants to do. No one can tell him that the kids need what. He just sends whatever he want to send. Physically, he’s not there,” the musician said.