LaConco opens about her ex. Could this be Jacob Zuma?. Images via Twitter @alicia_ally10.

‘I’ve protected his dignity’: LaConco dragging ‘baby daddy’ Zuma?

LaConco reveals ex has caused her a lot of pain and she has been protecting his dignity, is she talking about ‘baby daddy’ Jacob Zuma?


LaConco opens about her ex. Could this be Jacob Zuma?. Images via Twitter @alicia_ally10.

Reality star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco opened up about the pain her ex caused her via an Instagram Story on Sunday 22 October, could she be talking about “baby daddy” former President Jacob Zuma?

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Former Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star LaConco revealed that she was triggered by Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o opening about her pain and decided to speak out.

@lupitanyongo sharing her pain just triggered me how I have been (silent) about my ex and the pain he has caused us and still is. The two reasons I’ve kept (quiet) it’s because: 1. I know that giving God my pain, is giving him his power over my life,” she wrote.

“2. I’ve damn protected his dignity,” she continued.

LaConco opens up about her ex. Image via Instagram @laconco.

Is LaConco talking about her “baby daddy” former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma? Well, it is unclear since she has not named any names. While Zuma was her only public relationship, on RHOD LaConco revealed that she was no longer engaged to the father of her son. She also hinted that she moved on with a mystery man named “Petal”.

However, some fans were convinced Petal was actually Zuma. LaConco also left a comment on the star’s post thanking her for sharing her feelings.

“I’ve never been so excited for a public figure relationship announcement like when you announced yours. You know why? Been watching you rise and the only desire I have is for you to be loved by a man genuinely. Now this, I’m so hurt, this is personal and a trigger. I am so sorry , hold on to your God. Here the power is when you walk away from a table that no longer serves you greatness. Please read Psalms 46 vs 5–10 I love you ❤️,” she wrote.

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This comes after actress Lupita Nyong’o opened up about her break up from Selema Masekela, the son of world renowned muso, Hugh Masekela.

The Black Panther star expressed that her relationship fell victim to deception but she has to face the pain head on.

“I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception. I am tempted to run into the shadows and hide, only to return to the light when I have regained my strength enough for me to say, ‘Whatever, my life is better this way,” she wrote.

“But I am reminded that the magnitude of the pain I am feeling is equal to the measure of my capacity for love. And so, I am choosing to face the pain, cultivating the courage to meet my life exactly as it is, and trusting that this too shall pass,” she continued.

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