kim kardasian, kim

Kim Kardashian has posted a ‘creepy’ mirror selfie.
Images via Instagram: @kimkardashian

Who could it be? Kim K posts ‘creepy figure in window’ [photo]

Kim Kardashian has posted a picture of what she believes is a paranormal sighting – but social media users are not buying it!

kim kardasian, kim

Kim Kardashian has posted a ‘creepy’ mirror selfie.
Images via Instagram: @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for pulling attention-seeking stunts on social media, But this time, the reality star claims an alleged paranormal sighting captioned on camera is legit.

The mom-of-four shared a picture of a “creepy figure” in the window. 

Who or what could it be?

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In one of her latest Instagram posts, Kim Kardashian shared posted a pic of herself staring into a mirror. But it was no ordinary photo.

She shared in the caption: “So I took this pic last week when I was alone, and now going through my phone, I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window.”

In the background, the outline of what appeared to be a woman – who Kim claims was not her – was seen.

Take a look…


Naturally, her comment section was filled with wild and weird responses about who or what the shadow figure was…

@chi_town_di: “Isn’t it just her own reflection?”

@myleezakardash: “That’s Kourtney. She  wants revenge for her wedding.”

@lilknock: “It’s Marilyn Monroe coming for her dress.”

@marilisssaa: “The little mermaid bringing back your diamond earring you lost in the ocean.”

@dylan.mccabe.tx: “It’s one of your 50 staff members Kimberly. You most likely don’t even notice them

@discoshrine: “Why does it look like ET?”

Image via Instagram: @kimkardashian

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Others claimed that Kim was merely punting her latest gig, an appearance in season 12 of the TV series American Horror Story.

PR stunt or paranormal activity – what do you think?