Fatal Seduction

‘Fatal Seduction’ actors Kgomotso Christopher and Prince Jacob. Images via Twitter

‘It’s like a dance’: Kgomotso on s*x scenes in ‘Fatal Seduction’

Former ‘Scandal!’ actress Kgomotso Christopher, who stars in Netflix’s ‘Fatal Seduction’ discusses nudity and filming sex scenes.

Fatal Seduction

‘Fatal Seduction’ actors Kgomotso Christopher and Prince Jacob. Images via Twitter

Popular actress Kgomotso Christopher, who plays the role of Nandi in Netflix’s Fatal Seduction reveals how actors deal with intimate scenes on our screens.

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The Fatal Seduction actress Kgomotso Christopher tells TshisaLIVE that sex scenes are a choreographed dance facilitated by an intimacy coach among actors and that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. 

Christopher adds that the scenes becomes easy when you have the resources of intimacy coaches who choreographed all those stunts you have seen and adds that it’s not them as the actors don’t know what we are doing.

She always gives credit to their intimacy coaches as they spend hours and hours before shooting a scene just to prepare, and it’s pretty much like a dance choreography.

“How to do this and that and then we have to practice it and then we go into the aspect of what do you feel comfortable wearing.”

The former Scandal! star also reveals that her first intimate show was on Foreplay: Sex Tips for Girls.

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Kaya 959 reports that the talented actress Kgomotso Christopher plays the lead role of Nandi in Netflix’s captivating thriller Fatal Seduction alongside Thapelo Mokoena, who plays the role of Leonard.

The hit series tells a tale of “unwavering passion and desire, unraveling in a dark story built around a web of lies and deceit”.

Nandi spends a weekend away from her husband (Leonard) and meets the seductive Jacob (Prince Grootboom), who ignites her deepest passions, causes her to question the truth about her marriage.

She discusses the preparations that went into playing Nandi with Oak Magazine and reveals that it all lies in the training.

“For me, I’ve never really struggled with stepping in and stepping out. But stepping in is usually quite difficult because you have to find facets that are not you, yet you must embody them, and they become you.”

“The challenge for a performer is to step into someone’s world and be a vessel—physically, emotionally, and vocally,” explained Christopher.

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