Kelly Khumalo

Slik Talk just bashed Kelly Khumalo’s parenting skills. Image via Twitter: @KellyKhumalo

‘Give me money’: Kelly Khumalo says her man must spoil her rotten!

SA singer Kelly Khumalo recently used her alter-ego Barbra to make sure anyone who is romantically interested in her should know that she expects money and lots of it!

Kelly Khumalo

Slik Talk just bashed Kelly Khumalo’s parenting skills. Image via Twitter: @KellyKhumalo

South African singer Kelly Khumalo was not mincing her words when it comes to what she expects from the men who choose to court her. In an Instagram video, the beaut shares that one thing that is a must for her is getting cash from the man in her life and this is something that she will not compromise on.

Kelly Khumalo makes her dating demands clear

Mzansi musician Kelly Khumalo has a rich history of dating her fellow industry folk who usually have a lot of money in the bank. She is also often spotted on social media rocking designer bags and even paying exorbitant amounts of cash for things such as botox.

This is why it doesn’t come as a big surprise that she expects anyone who has a romantic interest in her to spoil her with wads of cash that she will undoubtedly use to feed her cravings for all things lavish and expensive.

In an Instagram post shared on 11 September this year, the Empini singer shares that she will not be accepting gestures from gentleman callers who don’t plan on forking out cash to give her.

She explains that her dad always gave her everything she wanted and this is the same thing she expects the same from her boyfriend and future husband. Speaking in her Russian alter-ego Barbra’s voice she says:

“My dad, great guy, everything I want, he giving. I expect the same from my boyfriend and even worse from my future husband. If I ask you, I want this, be generous. Just giving me money. Don’t be negative, just be positive, everything I want, just giving me.”

The clip is captioned:

“Just giving me money. My dad just saw this. I love you dad.”

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Mzansi ladies are loving it

The clip received various comments from women who agreed with her sentiments wholeheartedly. A lot of people also complimented her on perfectly executing the Russian accent.

PinkyThirani said:

“I agree with you. They must just give and stop complaining.”

DinnerAtMatlohas said:

“Tell them the truth. You are my fave for always spitting the truth.”

Khonzane said:

“I agree!”

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