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Kaya 959 reportedly want to fire Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe. Image via Twitter @Kayaon959

Kaya 959 reportedly fired Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe

Kaya 959’s breakfast show hosts Skhumba Hlophe and Thomas Msengana have reportedly been fired by the station.

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Kaya 959 reportedly want to fire Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe. Image via Twitter @Kayaon959

Kaya 959’s breakfast show hosts Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe were allegedly fired by the station for being off target.  

The comedian and seasoned broadcaster will present their last show at the end of June according to a Sunday World article and sources from the station.  

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According to Sunday World, Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe have reportedly been fired as Kaya 959’s breakfast show hosts as part of their brand repositioning strategy to grow listenership and advertising revenue.  

Negotiations over whether their contracts should be renewed are underway and word has it the station is talking to the host of a show at a rival station to take over the prime time slot.  

Sources from the Johannesburg-based station told the tabloid that Hlophe and Msengana were removed from the show because the ratings have dropped drastically and the show has struggled to attract advertising.  

“The show is popular to the listeners we don’t target. The show is not appealing to an Afropolitan listener who is being targeted by the advertisers. So, there is misalignment between listeners that the show attracts and the advertisers.”   

The source added that Msengana, who was working on the daytime show before teaming up with Hlophe for the breakfast show, was just collateral damage.   

“Skhumba was supposed to be the only one gone as he is not radio material.”  

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Another source told the outlet if they are given new contracts, the two might be moved to a graveyard or weekend slot.  

“That is if they agree to the terms of their new contract. You can’t be paid the same when you are presenting a graveyard slot. If they fail to find each other, they will, unfortunately, have to leave at the end of this month.”  

Kaya FM publicity officer Helga Klizanie couldn’t deny nor confirm the removal of Hlophe and Msengana.  

“As a competitive business, we proactively assess our business position from time to time, if our assessments point to any required shifts in the line-up, we will hold engagements with the affected talent, and any announcements to the public will be made when the time is right.”   

Msengana’s ex-wife Unathi Nkayi was also fired by the station back in 17 November after an altercation with radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo. Unathi reportedly claimed Sizwe verbally abused her but he leaked audio clips that proved otherwise.