malema, gareth cliff

Gareth Cliff has advised South Africans to remain calm following Julius Malema’s viral video.
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‘Keep a cool head’: Gareth Cliff warns SA after Malema outrage

Podcaster Gareth Cliff is calling on South Africans to pause and introspect in the aftermath of Julius Malema’s ‘Kill The Boer’ backlash.

malema, gareth cliff

Gareth Cliff has advised South Africans to remain calm following Julius Malema’s viral video.
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It’s been a rough week for South Africans who have been at loggerheads with each other following the actions of  EFF leader Julius Malema performing the controversial struggle song Kill The Boer. And radio personality Gareth Cliff is using his platform to calm the storm that is brewing…

The CliffCentral creator has called on the country to “keep a cool head” in light of racial tensions. 

Last weekend, a clip of Malema performing the song at the EFF’s 10th-anniversary celebrations went viral. The clip has seen various high-profile figures – including Elon Musk – speak out in condemnation. 

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Speaking on his CliffCentral podcast on Friday, 4 August, Gareth Cliff called on South Africans to pause and reflect on the week that was.

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He said: “I really feel like things are getting a bit fractious in South Africa, and I think we just need to take stock because if, if we don’t let sensible heads prevail at the moment, things really could slip a little bit out of control.

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He added: “We’ve got to calm this down. We don’t have any leadership in the form of a president who’s going to stand up and unify the nation and remind people of our common goals, the things that pull us together, the fact that we have to get through this year, and we’re almost there.

“We’ve got an election next year. There’s a lot on the line.

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“I think we’ve all got to just keep a cool and calm head about this”


Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa has been pressured to address Malema’s viral video.

But according to his spokesperson Vincent Magwenya, this is unlikely to happen as the matter is currently before the courts.

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Earlier this week, activists AfriForum revealed that they had approached the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) to appeal the  Equality Court’s 2022 finding that Kill the Boer is not considered hate speech.

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel told BusinessLive that they were committed to opposing Malema’s “racist and polarising” agenda.

Should the SCA not rule in their favour against the song, AfriForum would head to the Constitutional Court or internationally, claimed Kriel.