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Malema’s R1.2 million table at the EFF 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner.
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Big ballers! Who was seated at Malema’s R1.2m table? [photos]

Julius Malema claims guests at his R1.2 million EFF 10th Anniversary gala dinner paid ‘three times more’ to fine dine with him…

malema, eff

Malema’s R1.2 million table at the EFF 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner.
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 EFF’s 10th-anniversary dinner gala was a tremendous success, thanks to supporters who coughed up as much as R1,2 million to fine dine with the party president Julius Malema.

According to the controversial politician, the party made “three times more than expected,” thanks to generous guests.

The black-tie event took place at Emporers Palace on Thursday, 27 July.

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In a flyer distributed on social media, guests were presented with four options for the EFF gala dinner; bronze, silver, gold, and platinum packages.

Each table seated ten people and provided a “delectable three-course dinner” and “entertainment.”

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But the packages came at a hefty price tag.

  • Bronze was priced at R250 000
  • Silver was priced at R500 000 and provided five tickets to a VIP marquee
  • Gold was priced at R750 and provided ten tickets to a VIP marquee, welcome drinks, and a branding package

But the platinum package – priced at R1,2 million – had social media users gasping. For the steep price, the EFF offered guests a chance to fine dine with Mrs and Mrs Malema themselves – and have their company logo on display.

Guests would also receive exclusive access to a VIP marquee to socialise with the party’s top brass.

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Pics and clips of Malema’s R1.2 million table went viral on social media.

In it were a number of bigwig businessmen. The EFF CIC said his VIP guests paid triple the expected price.

According to The Citizen, he said in his keynote address, “In a sarcastic way, the media of South Africa said: ‘Who would buy a table to sit with Malema?’ For those who’ve got an ear and access to them, tell them Malema’s table was sold three times more than we had expected as the leadership of the EFF.

“This has confirmed to me and my colleagues that we’re having some brave and emerging black businesspeople who are not scared of the establishment. We’re challenging the establishment and saying no one is going to dictate to us as to how we spend our resources.”

Malema confirmed that his longtime friend and financier – controversial businessman Adriano Mazzotti – was also in attendance.