‘RHOD’ stars Jojo Robinson, Annie Mthembu, Nonku Williams and Slee Ndlovu have reunited. Images via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

‘Love will set you free’: Jojo reunites with ‘RHOD’ stars Annie, Slee

It seems the ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ Jojo, Nonku, Annie and Slee have reunited despite the ‘messy’ drama last season.


‘RHOD’ stars Jojo Robinson, Annie Mthembu, Nonku Williams and Slee Ndlovu have reunited. Images via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Jojo Robinson shared photos on Instagram on Thursday 13 July, with Silidile “Slee” Ndlovu and Annie Mthembu, who she was believed to not have been friends with anymore.

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After a dramatic season three of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) Jojo Robinson was ready to call her friendship with Annie Mthembu, Silidile “Slee” Ndlovu and Sorisha Naidoo quits. Jojo had not been following the ladies on social media. However, it seems they reunited for a fragrance launch as seen in an Instagram post on Thursday 13 July.

In the caption of the photo of Annie, Slee and Nonku Williams, Jojo referenced love and freedom.

“LOVE , will set you free🩷. Last night, we attended the @maisoncrivelli fragrance launch at the beautiful @thepencilmembersclub,” she wrote.

Annie commented on the post, speaking about the amount of photos they took.

“This is why ‘I’ don’t have any pictures. Because you were making me pose whole night for yours! Lol 😂,” she commented.

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This comes after Jojo the wife of former South African kickboxer Calven Robinson revealed why she would not do the Real Housewives again. She explained that her husband had gone for heart surgery and having others laugh deeply upset her. Take a look…

“I will never do housewives again. Bringing my husband into this s*** and then watching everyone laughing about serious issues. His father passed off a heart attack a few months before these episodes were shot. It’s not a joke topic. I actually feel sick watching this show,” she wrote.

“To all the young girls watching housewives. I am sorry. This is not how friendship should be. This is not okay. Toxic behaviour like this is not normal and please don’t think it is,” she continued.

“We as a group had a massive platform to inspire our young girls and instead we have shown nothing but how to hate and fight. I am personally sorry for anything I have done to add to toxic behaviour on the show. This type of behaviour is not okay,” she added.

Jojo Robinson on why she quit the Real Housewives of Durban. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

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