John Steenhuisen

DA leader John Steenhuisen and his second wife Terry.
Images via Instagram: @tezisteen

Future first lady? Meet John Steenhuisen’s second wife [photos]

From alleged mistress to future first lady? Meet Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen’s second wife Terry…

John Steenhuisen

DA leader John Steenhuisen and his second wife Terry.
Images via Instagram: @tezisteen

According to John Steenhuisen – the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) – the opposition party has a very real shot at winning the next presidential elections. Could that make him and his wife Terry the future first family of South Africa?

The outspoken politician has been vocal about his plans to take the helm over the country’s state of affairs. He’s also been vocal about his personal life- including an extramarital affair!

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Appearing on Podcast and Chill last year, John Steenhuisen opened up about his two marriages, the second one of which began after an illicit affair.

When asked by MacG to confirm if he had cheated on his first wife, John said: “I met somebody. I fell in love with her and she’s now my wife”.

He also referred to his current spouse as his “second and favourite wife”. 

John Steenhuisen
John and Terry on their wedding day. Instagram: @tezisteen

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John is currently married to Terry Beaumont, whom he wed in 2014. Before this, John was married to Julie Steenhuisen from 2000 -2010.

In 2010,  the Witness reported that John engaged in an extra-marital affair with Terry, who was a media liaison officer in KwaZulu-Natal at the time. To make matters worse, Terry was also married to DA provincial director Michael Beaumont during the time of the alleged affair.

John and Terry are parents to a little girl Olivia, while he also has two daughters, Caro and Ashleigh from his first marriage.


Who is John Steenhuisen’s wife, Terry? Here are five facts about her.

  • She’s deeply involved in charity work. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is an NPO and Organisational Consultant.
  • She loves horse riding, reading, and enjoying a glass of wine.
  • She has a great relationship with her stepdaughters.
  • Her nickname for John Steenhuisen is “Steeny” or “JHS”
  • She has a tattoo of the African continent on her torso.

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