Jacob Zuma daughter Dudu Zuma jail

Photo via Twitter: @DuduZumaSambudla/Twitter

‘Disgusting’: 150k jobs lost while Dudu Zuma sends love to ‘hero’ dad

‘Your father, your hero, our nightmare,’ wrote a tweep after seeing Dudu Zuma’s post about her dad JZ. Many have criticised her for job losses resulting from last week’s nationwide unrest.

Jacob Zuma daughter Dudu Zuma jail

Photo via Twitter: @DuduZumaSambudla/Twitter

Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma, the daughter of former president Jacob Zuma, is a daddy’s girl through and through. The young woman continues to take to Twitter where she either riles up her fellow Zuma supporters or declares her undying love for her controversial father and his increasingly troubled life.

Dudu Zuma shares a sweet post to her dear dad

The daughter of former president Jacob Zuma refuses to stop showing her undying love and support for her father. While no one can really ask her to stop loving her dad, her various controversial social media posts continue to rile up both Zuma supporters and people who are not Zuma’s biggest fans.

The young woman took to Twitter on Wednesday evening and once again started something after declaring that her father is her hero while seemingly forgetting that less than two weeks ago violent protests and lootings in the name of her father resulted in thousands of jobs lost in South Africa.

“My father, my hero,” she captioned a photo collage of the two of them before Zuma was sentenced to 15 months behind bars.

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Zuma supporters chime in

Even though the #FreeZumaProtests that were sparked by JZ’s incarceration resulted in multiple deaths and nationwide looting sprees, many people seem to still have an undying love for Jacob Zuma. Many of his fans found themselves in the comment section joining Zuma in praising her father.

@TshepisoMotsebe said:

“Africa’s hero. A man of integrity, a loyal servant, a God-fearing Man, a clean Man, President Jacob Zuma.”

@TellUnknown said:

“This gave me tears. What is happening to President Jacob Zuma is just disgusting.”

Not everyone is sympathising with the Zumas though

While Dudu and her group of undying followers continue to ignore the aftermath of the #FreeZumaProtests, not everyone in South Africa is as forgiving. Many local Twitter users paid not attention to Zuma’s apparent sadness and rather criticised both her and her dad for everything that transpired in the country over the last couple of weeks.

@MrDenotion said:

“150k people lost their jobs protesting for your daddy to get out of the cage. What have you got to say about that?”

@Cyril0802741 said:

“Your father, your hero, our nightmare.”

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