Zeenat Simjee denies affair with Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies.

‘It wasn’t me’: Zeenat breaks silence after Elton’s confession

Springbok dietician Zeenat Simjee claims it wasn’t her seen with Elton Jantjies but someone that looks like her.


Zeenat Simjee denies affair with Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies.

The Springbok dietician Zeenat Simjee claims that it was not her who had an affair with the team’s fly-half Elton Jantjies, but someone who looks like her according to a report by Netwerk 24. 


Netwerk 24 reports that Zeenat Simjee has denied that she had an affair with Elton Jantjies. According to the publication, Zeenat’s lawyer, Frikkie Erasmus claimed that it was not her, who was seen with Elton, but someone who looks like her. Erasmus went on to say that the know who the identity of the woman is, but won’t make it public because it will cause a “bigger problem”.

“It was a case of mistaken identity. She was not there,” said Erasmus.

“There is many similarities between her and Zeenat. However, it wasn’t her,” continued Erasmus.

The lawyer went on to say that Zeenat was at a family funeral at the time of the Mbombela incident. This comes after she denied the affair allegations via a statement. 

“I am the subject of some extremely negative media reports over the last week, tarnishing me personally and degrading my dignity,” she said.

“The weekend ahead of the test week in Mbombela, I had been with my parents dealing with family bereavement. So, the allegations of me spending time with Elton Jantjies at a guesthouse is devoid of any truth,” she continued.

“This has cast an extremely negative aspersion and disgraceful perspective on my character to which other media houses have also added their perspective. I appeal to the original publisher to retract and apologise for the negative sentiment cast on me,” she added.

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Iva Ristic, Elton’s wife revealed that her husband admitted the affair to her, in an interview with News 24.

“I’m grateful that Elton admitted the affair to me,” she said.

“I always had my suspicions because there were plenty of times when I would wonder where his money is going. The multiple flights booked for the two of them only and the separate hotels they have been booking for months when on the Boks tour was just one of the many signs that this affair was going on for a while,” she continued.

Elton Jantjies’s wife Iva Ristic shared a look at their new home. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies.

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