Hulisani Ravele

Hulisani Ravele was recently rumoured to have gotten married. Image via Instagram @hulisaniravele

‘Fake rumours’: Hulisani Ravele debunks wedding rumours

Former ‘YOTV’ presenter Hulisani Ravele has recently addressed rumours circulating, claiming that she had recently had a traditional wedding.

Hulisani Ravele

Hulisani Ravele was recently rumoured to have gotten married. Image via Instagram @hulisaniravele

A picture of 947 radio presenter, Hulisani Ravele sitting on an incasi (African grass mat) set social media buzzing last week; fans were convinced the photo was leaked online and that the radio presenter had a secret traditional wedding with her mystery man.


The story made several headlines. According to IOL, Hulisani’s uncles had even visited her home to pay for her lobola. A celebration under a tent was also said to have followed thereafter. However, on Friday, 2 June, Hulisani was said to have taken to her radio listeners and bashed the rumours.

“My freckles and I laugh off the fake news that I had a traditional wedding this weekend.”

“When the day eventually comes around, it’s definitely not going to be made a public affair and my partner will first have to go about things the traditional way and write a letter to my family expressing his intention to marry me,” Kaya FM quoted her as saying.

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Hulisani Ravele
Hulisani Ravele addressed rumours that she had recently gotten married. Image via Instagram @hulisaniravele


According to Zalebs, the 35-year-old former YOTV presenter was said to have hinted that she did, in fact, have a new boyfriend and reportedly referred to him as ‘Kevin Costner’. It seems this time around, the freckled-face radio personality is keeping her love life under wraps.

Previously, she dated former YOTV presenter Sipho ‘Psyfo’ Ngwenya for 10 years. The couple shocked fans when they broke up in 2017. According to the publication, fans were upset that Psyfo had gotten married shortly after the split. Fans reportedly voiced their opinions in the matter and believed that he had wasted her time. However, Hulisani reportedly cleared things up with the fans, saying that she was fine with how Psyfo moved on.

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