YouTuber Sibu Mpanza.

YouTuber Sibu Mpanza. Image via Twitter

YouTuber Sibu Mpanza pleads for donations after mom’s murder

‘My mother was murdered’: Popular YouTuber Sibu Mpanza is asking South Africans for donations to bury his mother in Mpumalanga.

YouTuber Sibu Mpanza.

YouTuber Sibu Mpanza. Image via Twitter

TV personality and YouTuber Sibu Mpanza is asking for donations to assist the family in taking his late mother to Mpumalanga for her funeral.

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TshisaLIVE reports that the YouTuber Sibu Mpanza’s mother was shot dead in Philippi East, in Cape Town, by an unknown suspect on Thursday, 3 August.

The TV personality’s mother was driving her grandchildren to school when she was shot three times. It is unclear at this stage if the shooting is related to the taxi strike in the Western Cape.

“On their way, less than 10 minutes after they left the house, they stopped at a stop street, and they were cut off by what they thought was a cab. Someone got out of the back seat of the car and pointed a gun at my mother. The man then proceeded to shoot five times, got back into the car and left. My mother was murdered.”

Mpanza adds that his mother tried to prepare for the worst-case scenario by having policies and funeral plans but unfortunately, after Covid-19, she was just unable to keep up with the payments.

“Which is why I am here, humbly asking for your help. If you have watched any of my videos, you know how much I loved my mother.”

“She was everything to me and the reason why I had the confidence to leave my entire family and moved to Joburg to pursue my dreams.”

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IOL reported on Friday, 4 August, that Sibu Mpanza’s mother died on the seat, and the children were removed from the scene of the crime.

Police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi revealed in a statement: “The circumstances surrounding the incident cited in your inquiry are still under investigation. Philippi East police responded to a complaint earlier today, Thursday, August 3.

“Upon their arrival near the corners of Govan Mbeki Drive and Sheffield Road at around 7 am, they found the body of a woman inside a motor vehicle who had sustained gunshot wounds.

“The victim was declared deceased at the scene by medical personnel. The unknown suspects fled the scene and have yet to be arrested. The motive for the attack is unknown.”

Mpanza’s mother’s funeral is set to take place this weekend in Mpumalanga!

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