DC Young Fly

Comedian DC Young Fly and his late partner Jacky Oh. Image via Instagram @dcyoungfly

Fans defend DC Young Fly after speech at partner’s funeral [watch]

‘Wild ‘ N Out’ star DC Young Fly was criticised for his speech at his longtime partner and mother of his children Jacky Oh’s funeral.

DC Young Fly

Comedian DC Young Fly and his late partner Jacky Oh. Image via Instagram @dcyoungfly

Social mmedia users have come to comedian and Wild ‘N Out star DC Young Fly’s defense after trolls criticised his speech at his longtime partner, Jacky Oh’s funeral.

The former Wild ‘N Out cast member, whose real name is Jacklyn Smith, passed away on 31 May of an unknown cause, although many speculate it was due to a ‘”mommy makeover” she reportedly said she was going to have. She was laid to rest on Saturday, 10 June, in Los Angeles.

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DC Young Fly, his late partner, Jacky Oh, and their three children. Image via Instagram @dcyoungfly


DC Young Fly, who shares three children with Jacky Oh, delivered a loving tribute at her funeral.

During his speech, the Almost Christmas actor was clear in his faith in God. He told mourners that he’s a God-fearing man and isn’t questioning God’s plan.

He went on to tell his late partner how much he loved her and praised her as an incredible mother to their children. The comedian also thanked everyone for their posts and messages of support, saying many of them helped him to remain strong.

True to his character as a comedian, DC Young Fly joked that God granted him the strength to have three children, thrusting his hips at the casket and saying, “You know I wanted 7 more.”

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While DC Young Fly received praise for being strong during a tough period in his life, he was also criticised for the same reasons. Some Twitter users claimed that because he did not cry, he did not love her. While others did found his joke “distateful”. However, his fans hit back and defended him.