Elton jantjies, springboks

Women linked to Springboks player Elton Jantjies.
Images via Instagram: @eltonjantjies/ @ashleighogle

Four bombshells, one year: Women linked to Elton Jantjies [photos]

Springboks ‘bad boy’ Elton Jantjies has had his hands full after being linked to a string of beautiful women in the last year. Take a look…

Elton jantjies, springboks

Women linked to Springboks player Elton Jantjies.
Images via Instagram: @eltonjantjies/ @ashleighogle

On the professional front, Elton Jantjies has had a difficult year regaining his position in the Springboks squad.

However, the romance department has been entirely different after the controversial rugby player was linked to as many as four women in the last few months.

Elton – who recently tested positive for a banned substance – went public with his latest bae, OnlyFans model Ashleigh Ogle.

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In August 2022, Elton Jantjies made headlines amid his alleged affair with Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee. The duo were reportedly spotted together at a guesthouse amid the team’s Rugby Championship playoffs.

But while Zeenat denied the allegations, Elton confessed that he had cheated on his wife, Iva Ristic.

Elton Jantjies Simjee
Elton and Zeenat. Image via Instagram @eltonjantjies/Facebook @zeenatimaans

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Just a few months later in December 2022, Elton posted pics of him cozying up to a female friend named Natasha Catherine. Although the pic suggested that there was more to their relationship than just friendship, Catherine reached out to The South African to shut down the rumours.

She said: “Your article headline suggests that Elton and myself are somehow romantically involved just because we appear in photographs together. All that it proves is that we were in the same room together”.

Elton Jantjies
Elton and ‘friend’ Natasha Catherine. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies

Fast forward to the present, and Elton has revealed his latest bae, OnlyFans model Ashleigh Ogle. The couple were spotted together earlier this month but have since confirmed their romance via Ashleigh’s Instagram account.

Elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle, springboks
Elton Jantjies and girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle. Images via Instagram: @ashleighogle

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While Elton Jantjies has had his hands full with beautiful women,  it’s unclear where his relationship with his wife, Iva Ristic stands. The couple wed in 2019 and have three children.

Elton jantjies, springboks, iva ristic, zeenat simjee
Elton and Iva. Images via Instagram: @eltonjantjies

In December, Iva confirmed to The South African that the couple were pursuing a divorce.

But Elton has given the impression that he is still involved with his partner after repeatedly posting pics of her and his children.

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Just a few weeks ago, Elton posted a pic of his wife and three sons with the caption: “My destination.”