elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle, springboks

Elton Jantjies and his girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle.
Images via Instagram: @ashleighogle

‘Maybe a baby soon’: Elton Jantjies’s new bae hints at pregnancy?

Ashleigh Ogle – the girlfriend of controversial Springboks player Elton Jantjies – has suggested he could be her next baby daddy…

elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle, springboks

Elton Jantjies and his girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle.
Images via Instagram: @ashleighogle

Elton Jantjies’s new girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle has hinted at wanting the controversial Springboks player to be her next baby daddy.

The OnlyFans model – who went public with their romance last month – made the surprising comment in a recent Instagram post.

Elton made headlines a year ago after he confessed to having an affair with the national team’s dietician, Zeenat Simjee. The alleged tryst saw the breakdown of his marriage to his wife, Iva Ristic.

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Over the weekend, Ashleigh Ogle posted a loved-up pic with her new bae, Elton Jantjies. In it, the heavily tatted couple is seen lovingly embracing with Elton beams for the camera.

In the caption, Ashleigh hinted that she was “in love” with her controversial Springboks player boyfriend.

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She shared: “People in love tend to have positive illusions about their partners, seeing them as better than they actually are.”

In the comments section, Ashleigh thanked her followers for their well wishes to the new couple. She also posted a surprising remark about what the future may hold.

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“Maybe a baby soon,” she replied to one of her friends.

Elton has three young sons with his estranged wife, Iva Ristic, who is based in Turkey. Meanwhile, Ashleigh is mom to a teenage daughter.

It’s unclear when the couple began dating after Zimoja confirmed their romance last month.

Elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle, springboks
Elton Jantjies and girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle. Images via Instagram: @ashleighogle

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Here are four facts about Elton’s new bae.

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  • Ashleigh Ogle is known for dating rapper Flvme and Shogun, the stepson of Lebo M.
  • According to her bio, she is a TV personality and content creator
  • Like Elton, she has many tattoos on her arms and legs.
  • She has a daughter from a previous relationship.