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Elon Musk vs Julius Malema.
Images via Instagram:
@elonrmuskk/ @julius.malema.sello

Malema vs Musk latest: EFF leader slams ‘mad man with money’

The Twitter beef between Elon Musk and Julius Malema has been turned up a notch. Here’s what the EFF CIC said to the world’s richest man…

elon musk, julius malema, eff, genocide

Elon Musk vs Julius Malema.
Images via Instagram:
@elonrmuskk/ @julius.malema.sello

After being put on blast by the world’s richest man, EFF leader Julius Malema has called Elon Musk a “mad man with money.”

The comments were made in the latest Twitter – or X.com – spat between the outspoken personalities.

Musk and Malema have been embroiled in a heated war of words this week following a viral video of the latter performing the controversial struggle song Kill The Boer.

Elon – born in Pretoria, SA – emigrated to Canada and later the US as a young teen.

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Earlier this week, Elon Musk took aim at Julius Malema, tweeting that the EFF leader was “pushing the genocide of white people.”

The controversial politician clapped back that Musk was “talking s**t.” After shading his wealthy critic as “Alien Musk” in a press conference this week, the CIC has taken another shot at the billionaire businessman.

Elon Musk, julius malema
Did Elon Musk throw shade at Julius Malema? Images via Instagram: @elonrmuskk/ @julius.malema.sello

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Following a series of tweets by Elon, in which he claimed that Julius was “beneath contempt” over his “racial genocide” agenda, Malema clapped back.

Replying to Elon’s tweets, Malema posted: “A mad person with money is extremely dangerous.”

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This week, Julius Malema and Elon Musk’s Twitter beef has been a trending topic. Here’s a breakdown of what they said to each other this week…

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  • Elon tweets that Malema is “pushing the genocide of white people.” Malema claps back: “You’re talking s**t.”
  • Elon highlights farm murders in SA and tweets that people in political parties actually belong to a “cult.”
  • Malema throws shade at “Alien Musk” in a press conference. He claims the wealthy man “looks illiterate” and advises him to research the history of the “Kill The Boer” song.
  • Elon slams an article by The New York Times, for “supporting genocide.” He also puts Malema  – whom he calls “Melama” – on blast for “chanting” about “killing white people”.
  • Malema claims that Elon is a “mad man with money” and “extremely dangerous”.

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