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Julius Malema threw shade at Elon Musk in a media briefing on Wednesday 2 August.
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@elonrmuskk/ @julius.malema.sello

Alien Musk? Malema fires shots at world’s richest man [watch]

Mzansi was amused by Malema’s shade towards Elon Musk – or Alien Musk – as well as ‘wannabe podcaster’ Penuel Mlotshwa.

elon musk, malema

Julius Malema threw shade at Elon Musk in a media briefing on Wednesday 2 August.
Images via Instagram:
@elonrmuskk/ @julius.malema.sello

Julius Malema has clapped back at Elon Musk  – whom he hilariously called “Alien Musk” – in a media briefing n Wednesday, 2 August.

The EFF leader responded to Musk’s claims that he was “pushing the genocide of white people” after a clip of him singing Kill The Boer went viral.

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Speaking to the media, Julius Malema insulted not only Elon Musk but South African podcaster Penuel Mlotshwa.

This followed Penuel’s video appealing to the EFF leader to “educate” the billionaire businessman.

Malema clapped back: “He says I must educate Alien Musk. 

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“What is that? No, the one on Twitter, Elon Musk. I must educate Elon Musk.

“Why must I educate Elon Musk? He looks like an illiterate. The only thing that protects him is his white skin.

“Elon Musk wants to learn about this song. The records are there in court”.

Naturally, Malema’s mention of “Alien Musk” had South African Twitter users in hysterics.

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Meanwhile, Malema also defended his performance of Kill The Boer.

“To say to us don’t sing this song because it belongs to the nineties. You are asking me to forget my history. I will not do that.

“It’s part of my history. It’s where I come from. I use this song to remind myself of what we’ve gone through”.

Malema added that the song was not aimed at white South Africans.

malema, elon musk
Elon Musk has highlights farm murders in South Africa after hinting that Julius Malema was responsible for the “genocide of white people”. Images via Twitter: @effsouthafrica/ @elonmusk

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He continued: “We’ve emphatically and repeatedly said the boers and the farmers do not refer to individuals but refer to a system of oppression.

“So from its inception, it has never been targeted at individuals. It has always been targeted as a system of oppression.

“If we had intentions to kill anyone, we had 100,000 people under our noses after chanting it. We would have all left that stadium in unison to go and kill the white people. But our people understand it for what it is”.