Drip founder Lekau Sehoana

Drip founder Lekau Sehoana. Image via Twitter @lekausehoana

Drip Footwear boss Lekau Sehoana’s wife arrested

Lebohang Machaba, the estranged wife of Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana, has reportedly been arrested and will appear in court on Monday.

Drip founder Lekau Sehoana

Drip founder Lekau Sehoana. Image via Twitter @lekausehoana

Lebohang Machaba – the estranged wife of Drip Footwear founder, Lekau Sehoana – is reportedly spending the weekend at the Silverton police holding cell and will appear at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 26 June, on charges of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder – Sunday World reports.

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This comes after the Limpopo-born businessman opened a case against her and subsequently fled to Paris, France, as he fears for his life alleging that his former wife hired hitmen to kill him.

The businessman has one child with his ex-wife and the pair have been going through a messy divorce in which the wife wants 50 percent of the footwear company.

One of the alleged hitmen was arrested in Wierdabrug, Pretoria, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, impersonating a police officer and possessing an unlicensed firearm – City Press reported two weeks ago.

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The hitman confessed that he had met with a woman believed to be the estranged wife, who had arrived driving a black BMW X4. They reportedly met in September 2021.

“[My friend] introduced her as [the owner of a well-known luxury footwear brand] who resided in Waterfall Country Estate and told us she was offering us an amount of R1.2 million if we were successful in killing her husband.

“The photos of the husband was sent to us, Lebogang then told us that the money is not a problem but we have to give her four days so that she can be able to withdraw fifty thousands each day and requested that during our next meeting we should sell her a cocked firearm to protect herself, ” read the hitman’s confession.

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Drip founder Lekau Sehoana
Drip founder Lekau Sehoana. Image via Twitter @joy_zelda


The Drip founder has previously told Zimoja that he does not owe her anything because he started the company after their seperation and they were not married in community of property.

He also denied her claims that he is a deadbeat father.

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“I was told she is going to destroy me. I take care of Lebogang Machaba. I send her R50 000 every month. She stays under my roof in Waterfall Estates, she’s under my medical aid. I bought her a BMW X6M Sports for R2 Million. I don’t bother that person with anything.

“I’m tired of this lady. Also, ask her for proof that she was in the hospital. I will check the medical reports. Lying to the media to destroy me? That’s not nice,” Lekau said.

The businessman, who recently announced the liquidation of his kiddies store called Kiddies Republic, called his ex-partner a “divorce fugitive,” claiming that she has been delaying their divorce process.