Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga did not buy the McLaren. Images via Twitter @ChrisExcel20

Dr Malinga ‘buys’ R5 million McLaren after appealing for donations?

Dr Malinga took to his social media on Friday to flaunt the R5 million McLaren months after appealing for donations.

Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga did not buy the McLaren. Images via Twitter @ChrisExcel20

It appears Dr Malinga’s fortunes have improved after the embattled musician took to his social media account on Friday, 4 November to show off his ‘recently acquired’ R5 million McLaren after appealing for donations a few months ago.

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Iharare reports that Dr Malinga allegedly bought a new R5 million McLaren after he appealed for financial assistance on MacG’s Podcast and Chill a few months ago.  

The entertainer took to his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts to flaunt the new wheels months after appealing for donations to pay off his debts.  

In the video, Malinga plays his song titled Ngiyabonga Nkosi which he released in October, and captions his status “Ngiyabonga Nkosi”.  

Mzansi donated money to the Via Orlando hitmaker after he revealed he opened up about his financial woes in the interview and said he’s owing the South African Revenue Services (SARS) over R500 000.  

The musician also revealed that SARS wiped his home clean, auctioned his furniture and belongings worth R500 000, and auctioned them for R100 000.   

He appealed to South Africans for assistance, who reportedly raised R100 000 to pay SARS.  

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“Dr Malinga is proof that we can all buy McLaren if we donate to one another. “  


“Congratulations to Dr Malinga for buying a McLaren.”  


“Soon he will be telling us his house is about to be repossessed they don’t think about the future bathanda ukubukwa kakhulu.”  


“We donated and you are now living nice but we’re still broke life is so unfair. I can’t believe my R10 bought McClaren. .. Congratulations Dr Malinga.” 

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