Don Design

AKA’s father Tony Forbes was gifted a sentimental gift by Don Design.
Images via YouTube screenshot/ Instagram: @don_design

Don Design’s thoughtful gift to AKA’s dad revealed [photos]

Tony Forbes reveals his son AKA’s best friend Don Design gave him a sentimental gift following the death of the rapper in February.

Don Design

AKA’s father Tony Forbes was gifted a sentimental gift by Don Design.
Images via YouTube screenshot/ Instagram: @don_design

It’s been just over two months since the death of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – and his father, Tony, is finding solace in those close to the late star. For the rapper, that was his nearest and dearest; girlfriend Nadia Nakai, best friend Don Design, and daughter Kairo Forbes.

Speaking to You Magazine, AKA’s parents Tony and Lynn Forbes revealed how they were coping following his tragic death.

In February, AKA and friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Durban.

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Tony Forbes revealed that since AKA’s death, he had been spending more time with his son’s friends.

“I feel closer to him through them,” he told the publication.

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The father-of-three – based in Cape Town – has also been spotted in the company of AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai, baby mama Zinhle Jiyane, and his granddaughter Kairo Forbes. Although Tony is divorced from Lynn, they still have a friendly relationship.

The “blended” family has shared pictures on social media of their quality time together.

Tony revealed that one of AKA’s closest friends – Don Design – had given him a special gift. It was a bracelet with the inscription that reads: “Long Live Supa Mega, Live Long. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes”. The bracelet also has AKA’s logo with the year of his birth and symbol for infinity.

Don Design's gift to AKA's father Tony Forbes.
Don Design’s gift to AKA’s father Tony Forbes. Images via You magazine/Corrie Hansen

Don has faced widespread backlash from the public for his body language caught on CCTV footage moments before the shooting.

During AKA’s memorial service, his mother Lynn defended Don, saying: “I love you my son”. AKA’s brother Steffan Forbes has also publicly slammed critics of the DJ.

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Meanwhile, Don Design recently spoke out about being cyberbullied by the Megacy – AKA’s legion of fans. He also claims to have received death threats.

On his birthday – 10 April, which marked the second anniversary of AKA’s death – Don Design spoke out about his experience.

He wrote: “Another year around the sun, this is the worst birthday ever. From death threats to my character being assassinated on every social media platform every day”.

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Don Design
Don Design has spoken out about being cyberbullied. Images via Instagram: @don_design

He continued: “I still have to wake up in the morning to work and be able to provide for my family. None of this makes sense.

Don then directed a message to “fake” friends. He added: “I don’t need any of you fake people checking up on me. I’m with my family and getting help. None of y’all can fathom half the s**t I gotta go through.”

Don Design’s post comes a week after he revealed that he is still grieving for the loss of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes.

In an Instagram Story, Don revealed his heartbreak all over again. “Miss you dawg”, he posted alongside a picture of him and AKA.