Derick hougaard, nadine

Derick Hougaard has been discharged from hospital, claims his partner Nadine.
Images via Facebook: @derick.hougaard.5

Derick Hougaard discharged: Frail, thin, and on oxygen machine

Derick Hougaard has been discharged from hospital, but still requires oxygen claims his partner Nadine. Here is the latest…

Derick hougaard, nadine

Derick Hougaard has been discharged from hospital, claims his partner Nadine.
Images via Facebook: @derick.hougaard.5

After almost three weeks in the ICU and fighting for his life in a coma, Derick Hougaard has finally been discharged. 

The former Springboks player has begun his next step of recovery at home, according to Rapport. However, his partner Nadine claims the retired rugby star still has a long way to go.

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According to Nadine – whom he began dating in 2018 – Derick Hougaard was discharged from the Steve Biko Academic Hospital on Friday, 30 June.

Despite being in a coma and on a ventilator, the 40-year-old star athlete is now awake and breathing independently.  However, Derick is frail and weak after losing a lot of weight in the hospital. He also still requires the use of an oxygen machine.

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Nadine told Rapport: “His oxygen (level) must stay above 90. The moment it, he has to use the oxygen machine”.

She added: “He is very weak and cannot hold a conversation. His vocal cords are still swollen”.

derick hougaard, nadine
Nadine has given a detailed health update about Derick Hougaard’s hospital stay. Images via Facebook: @derickhougaard

In an interview with Jacaranda FM last week, Nadine claimed the last few weeks had been “hellish.”

The singer claimed that her partner narrowly missed being placed in a medically-induced coma, which occurs when a patient has been on a ventilator for more than two weeks.

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Although Derick is still in pain, Nadine added: “Every step he takes gets better.”


On Saturday, 10 June, Derick was found unresponsive in his Pretoria home.

According to Nadine, her partner had been found “suffocating.” He was rushed to the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, where he remained in a coma until last week when he awakened.

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Derick was diagnosed with aspirational pneumonia, an infection doctors claim occurs when saliva, food, liquid, or vomit is inhaled or infiltrated into the lungs.

As a result, Derick suffered a collapsed left lung and a partial collapse of his right lung. Nadine added that Derick also experienced blood clots in his left arm and a lack of circulation in his left arm. Derick was then medically treated with two sets of antibiotics. He underwent two bronchoscopies and was prone – to treatment to help relieve respiratory distress.

But questions remain over how Derick ended up in this predicament.

According to Netwerk24,  a mysterious bottle of liquid – presumed to be coug mixture – was found in Derick’s possession. The publication also reports that a toxicology report found an “elevated level” of toxins in Derick’s bloodstream.

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Speaking to Jacaranda’s Martin Bester, Nadine claims no alcohol or drugs were found in Derick’s system. She also claimed that Derick was not suicidal and did not overdose.

The bottle of medication has since been sent to laboratories for testing.