louis liebenberg, derick hougaard

Derick Hougaard’s close friend Louis Liebenberg – a controversial diamond dealer – has made a series of bombshell accusations.
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@derickhougaard/ @louisfdg

Derick Hougaard’s ‘friend’ says he is ‘no longer on this earth’ [video]

Derick Hougaard’s ‘close confidante’ Louis Liebenberg suspects foul play amid news the retired rugby player has been in a week-long coma.

louis liebenberg, derick hougaard

Derick Hougaard’s close friend Louis Liebenberg – a controversial diamond dealer – has made a series of bombshell accusations.
Images via Facebook:
@derickhougaard/ @louisfdg

Louis Liebenberg – a controversial diamond dealer who claims to be a close friend of Derick Hougaard – has made a series of bombshell allegations following his visit to see the former Springboks player in hospital.

Hougaard is currently in a coma in the ICU ward of a Pretoria state hospital. According to reports, the retired rugby player contracted respiratory pneumonia.

However, Liebenberg has hinted that Derick is “no longer on earth” and claimed that ventilators were keeping the star athlete alive.

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According to Netwerk24, Louis Liebenberg bypassed security, gaining entry to the ICU ward where Derick Hougaard is being treated. 

  • In a Facebook post and video, the man who claimed to be a close confidant of the ex-Springboks player – made a series of bombshell allegations about the ordeal.
  • He was the last person in contact with Derick on Thursday evening
  • Derick and Nadine argued on Friday and that Derick likely overdosed or was poisoned.
  • Questioned the timeline of events when Nadine discovered him the following day (Saturday)
  • Questioned why Derick was in a state hospital and offered to pay for private hospitalisation
  • Demanded that results of toxicology testing – to decipher what drugs were in Derick’s system – be made public.
  • Nadine had “no right” to make decisions on his behalf or deny access to any hospital visitors
  • Claimed that Derick was “no longer on the earth,” hinting that machines were keeping him alive

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Louis claimed that he and Helena Niedinger – Derick’s psychologist – would be the star sportsman’s “voice.” He also claims that in recent times, Derick had turned his life around, quitting prescription pills and alcohol.

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Louis also shared a video of their confrontation with Nadine and her mother, which took place at the state hospital. Additionally, he shared a picture of Derick on a ventilator.

Posted by Veronica Pierce on Sunday, 18 June 2023


In a Facebook post, Nadine clapped back at Louis and Helana’s visit and suspicions of foul play.

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She shared: “I am pleading with Louis Liebenberg, Helena Niedinger, and people with cameras to PLEASE stop screaming, taking pictures of Derick on a ventilator, monitors, and drips, and upset staff who are physically fighting for Derick and others’ lives! Please do not make me wait any longer at hospital doors and take photos! And I have no idea what these people are capable of. 

She added: “The slander against me is terrible!”.

Nadine then responded to Louis’s claims that Derick was essentially brain-dead.

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She continued: “For Louis to say that life in Derick’s body left this earth long ago is to speak death over someone who LIVES! Only one Father gives or takes life and death, and that is my Heavenly Lord in whom I believe!”

derick hougaard, nadine
Nadine has spoken out about people who are visiting and taking pics of Derick Hougaard who is in hospital in a coma. Images via Facebook: @nadine.net/ @derickhougaard


Who is the man at the centre of the allegations surrounding Derick Hougaard and Nadine?

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Here are a few facts about the colourful character.

  • Louis is the owner of Tariomax, a company that buys and sells diamonds
  • The company has been placed in provisional liquidation. However, Louis is attempting to overturn this decision
  • According to News24, Louis last year pledged to pay R500 000 towards former President Jacob Zuma’s legal fees.
  • Louis made headlines last year after a video of him using the K-word went viral. In the clip, he also claimed that the Apartheid government should’ve “wiped out Soweto” with an atomic bomb. The SA Human Rights Commission is investigating the matter.