Springboks, derick hougaard

Former Springboks player Derick Hougaard is fighting for his life in ICU.
Images via Facebook: Derick Hougaard

Derick Hougaard: 5 Times ex-Bok courted controversy [photos]

Former Springboks player Derick Hougaard’s life off the pitch has been fraught with controversies. Here are a few…

Springboks, derick hougaard

Former Springboks player Derick Hougaard is fighting for his life in ICU.
Images via Facebook: Derick Hougaard

Derick Hougaard  – known as the “Liefling of Loftus,” has a celebrated career as a Blue Bulls and Springboks player. However, the retired rugby player has also made headlines for all the wrong reasons over his life off the pitch.

Hougaard – who was once married to Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld –  is currently “fighting for his life” in hospital.


According to Netwerk24, Derick Hougaard has been in a coma for six days in a Pretoria hospital. 

A source told the publication that the 40-year-old had “went to sleep” and “hadn’t woken up.” His partner, Afrikaans singer Nadine, called an ambulance to his Pretoria East home on Friday, 9 June.

The source said Derick had “inflammation of the lungs and is very ill.”

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Messy divorce

Derick Hougaard and Karlien were married from 2013 – 2015. Despite being considered the darlings of celebrity couples, their marriage was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, the singer later said.

Speaking to Huisgenoot in 2017, Karlien said: “It was after three years of non-stop pain. I thought the problems Derick and I had before our marriage would change or end.”

‘Missing children’

In 2018, Derick Hougaard made headlines after his ex-wife Karlien reported their twin boys Eliah and Daniel missing. At the time, the boys were in the custody of their father during a night out.

She shared on Instagram alongside a picture of them: “We can’t find my sons. Derick is drunk; we don’t know where the children are! This is how they look. Please help to search!”.

Karlien revealed that her children had been “found” an hour later. Derick took to Twitter to clear up the confusion, posting a picture of his sleeping children with him at a restaurant.

He later told Rapport: “I am not going to deny that I had too much to drink, but my children were never in any danger. They were under supervision all the time.”

Pill and drug addiction, skipping maintenance

Following the “missing children” debacle, Karlien van Jaarsveld posted a lengthy Facebook post explaining her side of the story.

According to the singer, Derick Hougaard had an “alcohol and pill addiction”:

She shared: “Derick may only supervise the children according to the court order because of his pill and alcohol addiction, and because of the life of my children and my children, he has been at risk several times. He has been in and out of rehabilitation centers several times. I was terrified of concern because I feared for the safety of my children” at the stadium.”

She added that Derick had not paid for the children’s upkeep.

She continued: “Since I divorced Derick, I do everything in my power to give the boys a good life despite the fact that Derick has not been paying maintenance for years.”

Demanding his wedding ring back

After their divorce, Derick Hougaard made headlines in 2016 for demanding his R100k  wedding ring back from Karlien.

The singer’s brother Bobby van Jaarsveld also waded into the drama, telling Derick to stop “harassing” his sister.

Derick defended his actions by telling Rapport: “Imagine what R100 000 over 20 years could mean for the twins? The right thing to do would be to invest the money for the twins, instead of just laying in a drawer”.


Caught in bed with another woman

In 2019, Huisgenoot magazine published pictures of Derick Hougaard seemingly in bed with a blonde woman – whDerrick and Nadine began dating in 2018. o was not his brunette girlfriend, Nadine.

According to News24, Nadine confirmed that she had discovered Derick in bed with the mystery woman in a hotel room. She also revealed that she was “beyond broken”. Derick also spoke to the publication but denied cheating on Nadine. Instead, he claimed he was “heavily under the influence” and could not remember much from the night.

Derick Hougaard
Former Springbok flyhalf Derick Hougaard is fighting for his life in a Pretoria hospital after reportedly not waking up for seven days. Image via Facebook @DerickHougaard

Days later, Rapport made conflicting claims that Nadine did not find Derick in bed with another woman, according to her spokesperson Janis Ellis. According to Ellis, Nadine and Derick had “patched up their broken relationship”.

Derick and Nadine have been dating on and off since 2018.

In a Facebook post in 2022, Derrick Hougaard reflected on his past scandals, posting: “I also made mistakes in my life and went through tough times. And have been honest. But being honest sometimes you get more flack. But this is who I am”.