derek watts, carte blanche

Derek Watts wife and children.
Images via Instagram: @belinda_watts/ kirstywattsfoundation

Behind the man: Meet Derek Watts’s wife and children [photos]

‘Perfect happiness is a healthy family’: Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts once said. Here’s a look at those who meant the most to him.

derek watts, carte blanche

Derek Watts wife and children.
Images via Instagram: @belinda_watts/ kirstywattsfoundation

Carte Blanche presenter and investigative journalist Derek Watts was a larger-than-life figure, loved by South Africans. 

He was also a loving husband and father to his supportive wife Belinda and children Kirsty and Tyrone.


While Derek Watts was a recognisable face to many South Africans, he was just “dad” to his two children Tyrone and Kirsty, whom he shared with his wife Belinda.

In an interview with Sunday Times, Derek shared how he had met Belinda in the pet food aisle of a local Pick n Pay store in Benmore. Belinda was picking up supplies for her cat, while Derek was tending to a stray dog he had taken in.

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The couple have been married for close to 35 years.

Derek also revealed how his family had rallied together to support his then-teenage daughter, who had survived a brain tumour.

He said: “Perfect happiness is a healthy family. We went through a tough time with Kirstin, who had a brain tumour and went through chemo, but she’s doing great, and now she’s a typical teenager”.

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Meanwhile, Derk Watts’s “TV wife” Ruda Landman has spoken out after his passing. The duo were co-presenters of Carte Blanche from 1988 until she left the sow in 2007.

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She told Hot 102.7 FM: “I can’t believe it. He was in my life for half of it – more than 35 years”.

“I was always completely relaxed when he was sitting next to me, he was so prepared, so ready for everything”.

Ruda claimed that she last Derek 2 weeks ago.

Derek watts, ruda landman, carte blance
Former Carte Blanche presenters Ruda Landman and Derek Watts reunited this week. Images via Twitter: @rudalandman1/ @carteblanchetv

She added: “The way he would look at you when you were talking felt like you were the most important thing at that moment”.