Pearl Thusi, chiropractor, adjustment, are you married

SA-born actress Pearl Thusi. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi.

‘Are you married?’: Pearl Thusi’s newfound love for LA chiropractor

SA-born actress Pearl Thusi let go of some trauma. She loved her first chiropractic adjustment so much that she asked the chiro to marry her.

Pearl Thusi, chiropractor, adjustment, are you married

SA-born actress Pearl Thusi. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi.

SA-born actress Pearl Thusi recently went for her first chiropractic adjustment. She loved it so much that she even asked him to marry her. Watch!

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South African-born actress Pearl Thusi is known for her roles in blockbusters like The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and Quantico, and although the jet setter regularly rubs shoulders with the rich and famous, she recently had her first chiropractic adjustment while In Los Angeles.

Pearl Thusi, are you married, chiropractor
Pearl Thusi getting her first chiropractic adjustment. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi.

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“This is something I’ve wanted to do for sooooo long but I’ve been manifesting this moment because it’s hard to find someone to trust with this kind of task…

After watching chiro videos as my ASMR (lol) I found someone to trust with my BACK, MY NECK punish my all joints with some CRACKS,” Pearl wrote on Instagram.

In a video documenting her adjustment at LA-based chiropractor Dr. Donovan Smolich, Pearl can be seen laughing and screaming as the chiropractor adjusts her neck and back.

“I’ve been carrying whatever you’ve pulled out of me. I’ve been carrying that with me for years,” she says.

At one point, Pearl can even be seen asking if Dr. Donovan is married.

“We had great energy and fun, and a lot of emotions were released during the session,” Dr. Donovan shared with the video.

“She had physical and mental traumas that she had been carrying for years, and finally felt the release. It was mind-blowing, and I’m honored to have been a part of it. It was a visit filled with laughter, joy, and healing,” he added.

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